Tuesday, December 10, 2013

You Completed the Caption

This wedding was an exciting one, and it generated a multitude of hilarious captions.

Bob: Eeeeeeeee haaaaaaa ride em cowboy!

Leigh Smith: The horse's ass, maybe. No that's a unicorn - have no idea.

Simon: These Marks and Spencers adverts get weirder every year.

Bonnie: A spanko bride is by no means a mythical creature.

What happens in the Land of Make-Believe, stays in the Land of Make-Believe.

Until this moment, I thought that being horny was just an expression.

Do you by chance have a white bridle in size 10?

Naked leapfrog? Is that really a thing?

Michael: Inter-species marriage, will it work?

Unicorns - only to be ridden on their wedding night.

You've heard of spanking the monkey, well this is spanking the unicorn.

Ronnie: Matilda and James took the floor for the start of their pony play reception.

Six of the best: The groom says. "I knew by bride was out of this world. When she told me to have a 'spanking good time' on her bottom."

Baxter: Bride: Yeah I agreed to this silly scenario.
Groom: Yes you did and I am enjoying myself. Hahahaha!
Bride: When we get to our wedding suite tonight, I will have my sweet revenge.
Groom: Uh what might that be?
Bride: You will be over my knee getting your bare bottom spanked hard.
Groom: Sure, you always say that.
Bride: I have a hairbrush that needs to be broken in and tonight is the night.

Vfrat25000: I don’t know. Should we tell Frank?
Tell him what?
Tell him that’s Scott, his best man, under that unicorn mask. The bride had second thoughts and left the reception about 45 minutes ago.
He’s having fun, let’s wait. Besides, Scott doesn’t look half bad in a wedding dress. I’ll dance with him.

Maybe we shouldn’t have spiked the wedding punch with that cheap Liquid Viagra we bought from that roadside stand?
Yah Think?

A game show host who is riding an unknown starlet wearing a wedding dress and a unicorn mask
Sounds good to me, let’s go with it!

I’m not the groom; I’m the Host at the restaurant next door. She just said to me as I was walking by “Ride me cowboy, use the whip, brand me, and tie me to the hitching post!”

You are right…That’s Senator Williams. I certainly hope that’s not Nancy Pelosi under that Unicorn Mask.

I paid one hundred thousand dollars for this wedding and this is how they behave!
Oh hush up Charles…I am the Mother of the Bride and I’m wearing a Batman Mask. You have nothing to complain about. Now put on your flying goggles, leather cap and silk scarf and start making those airplane noises. YOU said you would give our daughter the wedding of her dreams.
Yes Dear!

Ricky: Maybe it's a demo of bridle bronc-bustin' for the new groom.

Cutiebootie: Mount Spankmore!

Sir Wendel Jones: Mom and Dad forgot to take little Johnny’s Photoshop away after grounding him.

Rollin: Charles couldn't decide whether to acquire a bride or a new horse until he found this happy solution on eBay.

GaryNTboy: This just goes to prove the old adage that, 'once a king, always a king but once a knight is enough.'

Hermione: "Once around the patio, then we'll strap on the ole feedbag."

Thank you for your contributions. I'm not sure I can top this picture next week, but I'll try.

From Hermione's Heart

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