Tuesday, January 26, 2016

From the Top Shelf - Old Friend

This story is by GeorgieC, who kindly sent me a few of his stories after seeing one of his published here. I think you will enjoy this one.
Yes, I know.  We're a disgrace.  In fact yes, I agree, we are fools.  As if drinking at our age wasn't bad enough, we had to go to the Red Lion where everyone knows Mr Benson and Mr Thomas spend their lunchtimes.

No, I don't enjoy getting the cane.  Do you think I'm some sort of pervert?  Well, not that sort of pervert anyway.  Yes, I know I have been here week after week.  None of the other lads come anywhere near the number of times I'm here.  No, I can assure you I really do not like getting the cane.  But that's not the point why I'm always here.

Mandy is sobbing slightly.  She's never been in this kind of trouble before.  She's heard the tales about what happens from other girls, of course, but this is the first time she's been here.  I can vouch for that.

He's told her to go and stand facing the wall while he deals first with me.  She stands with her hands behind her head so she can't see anything of what will happen to me.  I step forward and lean across the desk.  I feel my blazer being lifted, and the cane tap-tap-tapping across my now stretched trousers as he lines it up.

Six of the best.  He's on form today.  Sometimes when he's had a whacking session in the morning he can be quite weak.  The other week the whole of form 3C incurred his displeasure meaning that I got off quite lightly.  But the Force is with him today and it's six absolute stingers.

I get up and walk a little gingerly across to face the wall, taking Mandy's place as she is summoned forward.  Well, not quite Mandy's place.  Just one step to the left actually. One small step for man etc.  But an important one for me.

Because that one step angles me nicely in front of the glass-fronted bookcase.  The one that enables me now to see the reflections of Mandy and the Headmaster.  It couldn't be clearer if I was turned round facing them.  And the Headmaster has never noticed all these times.

He does what he always does.  Tells her to lean forward across the desk, and with a little flick of the wrist hitches her skirt up across her back.  He always does that to the girls.  I know.  I make sure I accompany every single one of them.  It's usually easy enough to get them to commit some misdemeanour that will bring a whacking, and then even easier to ensure we are caught.  A little carelessness is so easy to slip into.  Without any hint that it is anything other than bad luck.

I can see Mandy's white knickers reflected in the glass door.  They complete my set for the whole year group.  I've now seen every girl in the year displaying her knickers while bent across his desk.

Every single girl's knickers, white ones, and blue ones, and pink ones, and yellow ones, plus of course that memorable occasion when Shona Brien said the F-word as she received stroke number four.  She apologised profusely of course immediately, but it was already too late.  He had heard. That was a truly memorable day as her round, pink, totally bare bottom received a further six, her equally pink knickers dangling round her knees.  Although she knew I'd heard what happened, she of course had no idea I had actually watched and seen her not so little bum as bare as the day she was born.

Now it was Mandy's turn, and she shook and whimpered as the cane did its work, six times across her pretty knicker-covered bottom.

And then it was done.  I watched her stand, give a rather stimulating little rub that made her cheeks jiggle when she thought the Headmaster couldn't see while he put the cane back in the drawer, and straighten her skirt down.  He didn't see the rub - but I did.

I then turned to face the Head when told to.  He was telling Mandy that he was surprised to see her there, and wouldn't expect to have to do that again, but that he fully expected to see me again.  He just doesn't know what to do with me.  He tutted, and I looked contrite.

It's all right, sir.  You're doing fine.  There's a few I might try to get a second time round, now I've completed the collection.  I wonder if he collects them as well.  I think he does actually.  I wonder if he keeps a little notebook too.

Yes, I might try to get some a second time round. Helen Small had pants that definitely matched her name.  I might try to get her back here and have another look.  Or Shona maybe?  Lightning wouldn't strike twice, would it?  Could be worth a try.  And I'm sure the Head will be laying it on and listening out, hoping for the opportunity again.

We walk out of the room past the bookcase.

Goodbye for now, old friend.  I'll see you soon.

The question is: who or what is the old friend?
From Hermione's Heart


Michael M said...

What a naughty chap. I guess the old friend is the cane.

ronnie said...

Nice story. Thanks for sharing Hermione. The old friend has to be the cane.


Roz said...

Great fun story Hermoine, thank you :)

Some friend he is! lol. He is probably right about the headmaster too. I agree, old friend must be the cane.


Cat said...

I'm going along with the others and betting the old friend has to be the cane. Sure can't be the young man getting the girls into trouble so he can watch them be caned...he just might be in trouble if the girls ever compared notes. ;) Thanks for sharing, Hermione.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Baxter said...

enjoyable. thanks


Eric51Amy49 said...

I think the bookcase is the old friend because when the girls are getting punished, he is looking at their reflection in the glass. Fun story! Amy

Lindy Thomas said...

Fun story thanks Hermione.

Hugs Lindy

Enzo said...

OK, I really enjoyed this one. Despite the common setting, a truly unique story.
Reread it and you realize how well done it is.

The old friend is definitely the bookcase.

Thanks Hermione for sharing all these stories, especially this one.


GeorgieC said...

The old friend is the bookcase, folks. Always there and dependable for him.

Glad you like the story.

Hermione said...

I read the story a few times and really couldn't decide between the headmaster and the cane. I never thought of the bookcase!

Thanks GeorgieC!


Hardwood said...

The cane, the bookcase, maybe the headmaster? Or perhaps it's the entire ritual.