Monday, January 25, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 24

Eyed open or closed while being spanked? That question produced an enthusiastic response!

abby: Often my face is hidden in a pillow...eyes closed. If I am standing..eyes open. If i am lucky enough to drift off into space....who knows?

Sir Wendel: Most of the time I keep my eyes open during a spanking. The Misses will keep her eyes open if I spank her by hand. She closes them if I use the paddle or belt.

Janey: I'm not sure. My first thought was that I must close my eyes but then I can distinctly remember looking close up at the bed cover or pattern on the pillow too. I think that if he leaves gaps between each swat I must open my eyes in between and screw them up shut tight as each swat connects. However, I think that if he's going hard and fast my eyes remain closed and I concentrate on trying to breath!

Leigh: I don't know. I'll have to pay attention next time.

Roz: Often my face is buried in my hands, though I do tend to fluctuate between this and having my eyes open and closed.

Baxter: That is a really good question and I don't know. I suspect closed as I am anticipating the crop or paddle or spoon hitting my bottom. But I am not sure.

Eric51 Amy49: Once Eric really gets going, I close my eyes and try to breathe through it. However, if he pauses, he loves when I look back at him through my hair, which has usually fallen over my face.

cutiebootie: I love this question! I tend to have my eyes open when I am being spanked. I often see what pair of shoes he is wearing if he is spanking me while sitting on a chair.

As the spanking gets harder, I will close my eyes.

Arched one: As her favorite place to spank me is to put me to bed usually I'm hanging onto the headboard rails and my eyes are open until the spank lands.

Simon: Oh definitely eyes open, I like to gaze at her legs and feet if I'm in a position that enables me to do that. Sometimes I've been punished by a mirror and can enjoy a view of her and my reactions. The only exception is the odd occasion when I am blindfolded and this I find is a very different feeling.

Jan: Hi Hermione, I think a bit of both, depends how hard he is spanking. I reckon I close them more often than not.

S: I keep my eyes open, but sometimes he makes me put on an airline sleep mask, which totally blacks me out. I feel his hands guide me into position, and then re-arrange my clothes, so that I am bare, pantied or clothed, as he wishes. Even then I don't know what is going to land on my bottom. It is thrilling, as I wait; will it be a hearty spank from his big hand, or a smarting sting from his thin cane? Whatever, I always end up with an excitingly sore bottom.

Wilma: It all depends on how intense it is or where my mind is 'at' during. If I am being punished they are most definitely closed, unless of course I am having a 'self righteous' moment, then I fixate on one spot.

Terpsichore: I have done both as it provides a different sensory experience but I mostly love having my eyes closed when I am spanked.

Anon: I cover my eyes with my hands.

Ronnie: Depends on how intense the spanking is. Closed more often than not.

KB: I mostly leave them open. Except if I know a particular swat is going to really hurt them I squeeze then shut as if that will help with the pain. ( it doesn't by the way.)

Ella: Almost always open. I think I would get dizzy with them closed. I usually have my thoughts on what to hold onto. The spindles on the antique foot board of our bed. The flowers on the folded coverlet. Trying not to put my hand back.

If it is a happy "Just Because" spanking, I concentrate on the loving words Sam speaks.

Good question, Hermione!

Jenn: I know my eyes are open at least part of the time, but no doubt I close them as I "anticipate". I even close them when I think one is coming, but it is not!

Hermione: Closed, always. I like to block everything out and concentrate on the sensations. Sometimes if he pauses I might look around to see why, or I might take a peek to see which implement is coming up next, but my eyes remain shut the rest of the time. There isn't anything to see except the pattern on the bedspread.

Thank you all for responding. For those of you who aren't sure, I hope you'll soon instigate a spanking so you can find out the answer.
From Hermione's Heart

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