Saturday, January 9, 2016

You Completed the Caption

Anon: Governess reading out loud to girl: "Tell Amanda that after reading your report, I am not at all happy with her attitude and that I intend to give her a good hard paddling when I arrive home next week. Also, please emphasize to her that if she doesn't show some marked improvement in her grades before my arrival, she'll also be in for a dose of the cane."
Governess reading to herself: "And as for you, Miss Wellingham, based on the references you gave me, I expected better when I hired you. But I am now convinced that what you need is some direct instruction in how to discipline a young girl. So while you might think you're too old for such things, I intend to give you some first hand knowledge about what a governess should do when a naughty little girl doesn't live up to expectations by putting you across my knee, raising your skirt, lowering your knickers and taking a hairbrush to your bare bottom until you've learned how important discipline is in the household of a widower who is often away and must depend on someone else to help him raise his young daughter properly."

Rollin: "I thought giving you a creative writing assignment might help your composition skills. Instead you hand me this drivel about a boy who goes to a school for wizards and spends his days thwarting the powers of darkness. And just what is the name of this school?"

"I haven't thought of a name yet, Miss Cadivec."

"Hmmpff! It's hogwash, I tell you. Hogwash!"

Mitch Philbin: Governess to pensive girl: "It is so nice reminiscing with you. Let's see, was it 6 or 7 canes I broke over your arse?"

Baxter: girl to governess: I know you are going to give me a spanking, probably blister my bottom but good. But this waiting is killing me.
Governess to girl: Oh yes, I am going to give you a real long, hard and thorough spanking. But sitting here listening to your whining about having to wait is fun also, as the suspense builds.
girl to governess: please get on with my spanking.
Governess to girl: why of course, but you will be a sorry and sore girl

Sir Wendel: I’m going to turn you over to your father for a whipping when he gets home.

Dr. Ken: "According to this letter from my dear father, it's called a "spanking bench". What a peculiar name! I wonder what it's used for?"

Ronnie: Sarah's governess couldn't wait for the end of the lesson so she could get back to reading Lady Chatterley's Lover.

Kingspan: Henry was enthralled with spanking her lovely bottom, but he wished that occasionally she would agree to let him dress as something other than a 19th Century governess for their role play.

Six of the best: The governess is saying to her female pupil, "When the master comes home to-night. He is going to birch your bare bottom, my dear, and going to cane my naked derriere, for displeasing his wishes."

Hermione: Governness: According to this article in The Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine,  many women benefit from, and even enjoy, a good spanking given on a regular basis by their husbands. Well, Lucretia, it seems we aren't the only ones to enjoy such sport.
Girl: Oh, Miss Parsons, don't speak of such embarrassing matters aloud.

That was an amazing collection of captions! Do stay and have brunch, when we will discuss our favourite topic.
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