Saturday, January 16, 2016

You Completed the Caption

This one was a toughie, but some of you had your creative juices flowing!

Six of the best: "You're travelling on thin ice," I told my wife. "For overspending on our credit card. So my dear it's bottoms up, for 'six of the best' on that knickers down derriere of yours."

Baxter: I have to not fall down or I will fall on my very sore butt that my loving wife gave me this morning for being late last night. It is my own fault, but my wife is watching me and if I do fall on my butt, all I will hear is her shrieking laughter, the same as she used when spanking me earlier. i do love her though.

Ronnie: Tom stood amazed. He didn't know his father could skate like that.

Rollin: Wait til I get my hands on the gal that sold me these flippin' boots! I said I wanted something to deal with the ice and she gives me these things with a rail for a sole and ...whoa!...WHOA!

Anon: As Thomas worked to perfect his figure 8s, he couldn't help but be reminded of his wife's ample mature bottom and how much he enjoyed looking down on it when she was draped across his lap for a good spanking. The more he skated through the undulations of the figure 8s, the more he thought about his wife's behavior earlier that afternoon and his promise to put her over his knee and subject her beautiful bare bottom to a long session with the hairbrush. And the more he thought about warming his wife's fanny, the less distracted he was by the winter chill. Finally, when even the thoughts of reddening his wife's bottom could no longer stave off the cold, Thomas packed up and headed home, where he found his darling wife waiting in the corner, skirt up, panties down and bare bottom on display. As he took his seat in the kitchen chair, picked up the hairbrush and directed her to assume her very familiar position over his knee, he said, "This is exactly what I need to warm me up."

Hermione: Frank was looking forward to spanking his wife with his frozen leather gloves. Another two laps around the rink should have them hardened just enough.

Bravo to all those who rose to the challenge! Now on to brunch, where you will always receive a warm welcome. It's coming up next.
From Hermione's Heart

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