Saturday, January 23, 2016

You Completed the Caption

This was the caption I found on Cheezburger, and now here are yours:

Anon 1: Mrs. Houdini

Simon: It wasn't until he opened the chest that Simon realised that this definitely wasn't his luggage.

Eric51Amy49: The Michael Kors Spring Collection

Anon 2: How do you like my new bikini?

Anon 3: You know how you're always saying "this is going to hurt me more then it hurts you" when you spank me? In this case, I think you just might be right.

Anon 4: I'm sorry about my chastity outfit. Daddy makes me put it on before all my dates. He says he'll give you the key, but only after you marry me.

Enzo: Is that Mary-Louise Parker?

I have no idea. Readers?

Baxter: When I answered the job ad that said, get tied up in our chain business and sell for us, I didn't think I would get this type of exposure. Of course, I enjoy it very much and am getting more into BDSM every day. Don't think I could ever have so much fun in my job as I am having now.

Sir Wendel: The magician’s sleight of hand spanked the daylights out of me for messing this trick up last night.

Liza: When Professor Proton asked for a volunteer to demonstrate chain reactions, Laura had no idea what she was getting into.

Kingspan: The apprentice had been warned repeatedly that her master's articles were enchanted to bind any of the uninitiated who entered the chamber, and hold them fast until the master arrived to punish them personally. That's exactly why she did it.

garyntboy: I found all these chains inside this box and just look what happened. I got all tangled up.

Anon 5: I thought you said YOU had the key!

ricky: Jackie Marley's ghost checking on Ebenezer Scrooge to see if he is still truly reformed.

Jenn: Here we see a version of Alice in Chains, or -- more accurately -- Nancy in Chains.
From Hermione's Heart


sub hub in phx said...

Hi Hermoine. Happy New Year! Sorry I wasn't able to "complete the caption" but I wanted to comment here and say that I think this woman, Mary Louise-Parker, is among the most stunningly beautiful, cute, attractive, gorgeous women to ever walk the earth!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's Mary Louise Parker. I put "Mary Louise Parker in chains" into the search engine and this picture came up.


Dr. Ken said...

I also did a search--Mary-Louise Parker chains__and found this picture. It might be a publicity shot for the series she did, "Weeds".