Sunday, January 10, 2016

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #107

Welcome, dear friends, to our weekly spanko brunch. This week's topic was inpired by a comment left by fellow blogger Ella. She said, "Just this weekend I found a Japanese rice paddle at an antique store. I am always self-conscious now when I purchase something like that. Do they know why I chose that particular item?" That's a good question, so I'll put it to you too.

When you shop in a vanilla store for a spanking implement, do you ever feel embarrassed? Do you think the staff know what it's really for? Does it depend on the type of implement and/or the kind of store?

Leave your thoughts here as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
From Hermione's Heart


Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Hi Hermione. Hope you had a great holiday.

I still recall vividly my trip to a mall to find a heavy hairbrush after we had our initial discussion about trying spanking as domestic discipline. Yes, I was firmly convinced that every single female sales clerk knew why I was looking for one. The same occurred when I bought a solid wooden bath brush. Whether the clerks really did suspect my ulterior motive is impossible to know but, really, how many men show for wooden "paddle"-style hairbrushes and bath brushes? I am guessing not that many.


Roz said...

I have wondered if the staff knew the dual purpose when buying things like wooden spoons etc. We went into a gift shop once around Christmas that had, among other things, a riding crop, toy fluffy cuffs etc. That was embarrassing. I tried to pretend they were gag Christmas gifts.


Aimless Rambling said...

I don't feel embarrassed when buying implements with a dual purpose. I usually shop for other things online, so I'm not embarrassed at all. haha

willie said...

I thought for sure Barney would feel odd going into a saddlery store to buy a quirt. I had made up a 'story' for him just in case. You know, " My sister in law lives out of town and asked me to ...." Nope. He just walked in talked to the woman about the different ones and picked the one he liked ( not one I am fussy about, not sure if ANY of them I would 'like').

As for at the beginning when we first started buying things, no. Like Leigh, we buy the specific to spanking stuff generally online.

Fred said...

I love pervertibles, most of my spanking toys are repurposed. Spoons, belts, brushes, shoe horns, I have them all.

Mostly I just see something that I like the look of and buy it. It's intended purpose is not obvious at the point of purchase.
However ... Some time back I had in mind to make some floggers, so I thought that I could acquire suitable leather strips by repurposing some belts, so I headed out to the thrift stores on a buying mission. I took a kinky friend along. She is talkative type and soon she had the thrift store assistant engaged in conversation. I arrived the checkout with an armful of belts, a couple of brushes and a pair of plimsolls.
"Interesting items you have here." Thrift lady observed. I would have kept quiet, made my donation and left but my companion made the mistake of saying "We are looking for materials for a craft project."
"Really what's sort of project?" Thrift lady asked.
We just looked at each other, neither of us really having a suitable reply/cover story. It sort of ended in awkward silence as we handed over the cash and left.
These days I get my pervertibles on online auction sites, it's easier.

Jenn said...

For the most part, I don't think the staff are aware of what I'm thinking while shopping for "pervertibles". The first one I bought was a hairbrush. I wanted it as a brush, too, so I just looked at the back quickly to notice that there were no protrusions that would prevent its dual use as a spanking tool. Later, when I shopped for a bath brush. I did slap it against my left palm, but that was very brief and there was no one around. I doubt the security cameras even noticed. Recently I bought a a man's belt as a gift, and I did note that it would be great for a strapping. I sometimes inspect wooden spoons, bath brushes, and men's belts when I'm not planning to buy them, but I don't think anyone is the wiser.

an English Rose said...

Hi Hermione, If we see stuff when we are vanilla shopping we just throw it in the trolley amongst the rest and don't think anyone will ever guess. Proper spanking stuff is what computers were made for surely?
love Jan,xx

ronnie said...

I used to feel a little embarrassed but not any more. Now I rarely buy spanking toys from a vanilla shop it's all done on line.


Baxter said...

We went into the cooking store downtown and my intent was going to the bread board section in search of a suitable spanking paddle. I found it, showed it to my wife (she is the spanker) and she said if you want it, get it. Well I went up to the counter and the woman scanned it and on the screen, it said 'bread paddle'. I snickered and pointed to it and my wife snickered also. Did the saleswoman have any idea what we were snickering about or was she just bored, ringing up purchases and looking at the clock? I doubt she had any idea. Another time, we went into the hardware store and the cooking section and I pointed to a wooden spoon. My wife said if you want it, get it. so into the basket it went and she covered it with some other stuff we were buying. I whispered that it only looks like we are buying a wooden spoon and she said 'yeah' and off we went to check out. Doubt the cashier thought anything of it since we were buying all sorts of stuff you find at hardware stores. But what if they suspected anything? Maybe someone who is a cashier can say.

Joe From Alberta said...

This has nothing to do with spanking, but I one time was buying a few items for an evening in with a female acquaintance. I like to be prepared, so I was in this small family oriented store called Wal-Mart. I deliberately went on a Thursday night after work, so there would be less people around. Anyway, in the basket I had condoms, flavoured condoms, whipped cream, coconut oil, water based lube,a fleet enema, mouthwash, nylon clothes line, strawberries, and shaving cream.

So I purposely went to the self checkout where there was nobody around. As my luck always goes, this middle aged woman working a til waves me over, and says "I can run you through here". My thought was "Oh %$@*^ great". So no sooner do I haul my sorry butt over there, and a woman with two teenage daughters enters the line behind me. We go from nobody; to me and four female people now present. So I thought "well, ain't my fault". I started taking everything out of the basket, and putting it on the conveyor belt to go through.

The older girl starts giggling, and whispers to her sister "probably for his boyfriend". I usually might get flustered, but that time I was so p*ssed off about not being able to do the self checkout, I just looked at her, and said "No...actually it's for a prostitute". The kid's face turned red, and then her mom started laughing, and told her to shutup.

Why in the name of god, the woman at the til, just didn't let me do the self checkout thing is beyond me. But since then I make sure I don't go through the regular lineups when I'm getting things beyond normal items no matter what. I don't think I have a story that can top this one.