Monday, January 4, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 3

This week we reminisced about significant spankings of the past year, and looked ahead to 2016.

Six of the best: There are two spanking videos that I have found most enjoyable to watch. One is called "Bald Teacher and Spanked Lady". The other is "Late for Parade". Both can be seen on xhamster. Please use exact titles. Spanking blogs that I like. Yours Hermione, Erica Scott, Chross, My Bottom Smarts, and the Spanking Library.

Mandy: There is a very sensual spanking video by Alice Morningstar on Spanking Tube that is worth seeing more than once. Search Alicems in the Spanking Tube search thingy. I got a computer locking virus on a $75.00 old computer, from xhamster once so I don't go near that site anymore. I always use cheap Craigslist acquired computers for certain areas of the internet for that very reason. I arranged a birthday spanking last July that was on my mind, and elsewhere for a few days afterwards. Does that count?

It sure does!

Simon: Having retired last year I had more time on my hands and was punished more frequently and by more ladies than ever before. All last years spankings were highly enjoyable but two were fantastic each involving two ladies. My spanking resolution for the year is to continue in the same manner in 2016.

Downunder Don: Recently Mumski and I were in Myanmar (Burma) where she was spectacularly rude to me in front of a crowd of fellow travelers. (Fortunately most did not hear or understand the comment.) Once we had returned to Oz and after many days of discussions and arguments a penalty of 100 strikes with the cane was awarded, and then administered over a few sessions. Very spectacular results.
We both made the same resolution we always make....not to make new years resolutions.
Hermione, I hope you and your family have a very happy new year

Baxter: I dislike resolutions but have a couple in mind.
1 - not wimp out when being spanked; stay in place and accept them all, however my loving wife wants to give them to me and with what implement.
2 - report transgressions to her to build up the 'spanking account'.
3 - get more than one spanking session a week.
My other resolutions are what most say - lose some weight, exercise more, blah blah blah.

Jenn: My significant spanking memory is finally finding a lover who truly enjoys and "gets" spanking as recreation and punishment. It's amazing finally having a romantic relationship with my spanker. I've had some relatively light spankings from him, but I'm expecting much more in the New Year!

 arched one: I've been spanked in many positions but this fall R thought of a new one. the way our sofa sits the back rest can be straddled. She had me straddle it one foot on the floor the other on the sofa and she used the belt on me. She said she enjoyed having my bottom up that high and it sure stung. No resolutions on spanking.

Ronnie: I have had some lovely spankings over this year and a few I didn't like. Boxing Day for example was one I didn't like. My New Year's resolution is to get more spankings each week:)

Hermione: My significant spanko memory of the past year was Bonnie's semi-regular return to blogging. I don't usually make New Year's resolutions, but this year I am goingto try for a birthday spanking.

Thank you all for your participation. We must do this again sometime. Maybe next week?
From Hermione's Heart

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