Tuesday, March 15, 2016

From the Top Shelf - Dorothy Rock

Last weekend I spent some time exploring the Over the Desk Spanking Stories blog. It was hard to decide which story I enjoyed most, but Dorothy Rock, a story written by Lisamum, resonated with me, so I thought you would like it too. Here's how it starts:

Her father’s slipper lay in the middle of the settee.

‘Mum’s going a bit mental leaving that there,’ Dorothy thought. ‘I’d get a right ear bashing if I’d have left my slipper there.’ Mum never allowed anyone to put their slippers or shoes onto the furniture, whether they were wearing them or not.

“Oh, you’re home dear? I didn’t hear you come in.” Mrs Rock said, as she descended the stairs.

“Only just, mum.” Dorothy looked towards the slipper on the settee. “I was wondering if you were going senile?”

“Probably dear, probably,” Mrs Rock agreed as she went to arrange the flowers on the sideboard.

“You ok, mum?” Dorothy asked, concerned, thinking her mum was acting strange.

“Fine love, fine. Oh, I was talking to Mrs Smith dear, Margaret’s mum.”

“Yes mum, I know who Mrs Smith is!” Dorothy replied sharply. “Margaret’s my best friend, remember?”

“Yes dear, so I expect she told you that her mother spanked her the other day.”

Dorothy fought a smile. “No, she didn’t. What had she done?”

“Can’t remember dear,” Mrs Rock lied.

“Bet you’re glad I’m a good girl, aren’t you mum?”

“I’d like to believe that, dear.”

Dorothy was taken aback. Normally her mom said: “You’re a very good girl, dear.” Not today though.

“You alright, mum?”

“Not really, dear.”

“Coming down with a cold, are you? Would you like me to make you a cuppa?”

“No dear, I want to talk to you.”

Dorothy moved to sit down in the other corner of the settee.

“No dear, please remain standing.”

Dorothy was taken aback by her mom’s sudden seriousness. “What is it, mum?”

“Like I said, I was talking to Mrs Smith. She said she had spanked Margaret because she found cigarettes in her bedroom.”

Dorothy shrugged her shoulders. “She smokes, Mum, always has.”

“Mrs Smith said it wasn’t the first time she spanked her for smoking.”

“Really?” Dorothy smiled. “She normally says her spankings are for not doing homework or talking back to her mum. Wait till I see her.”

“So I searched your room this morning.”

Dorothy’s smile disappeared from her face. “Why? I don’t smoke!”

“Don’t you, dear?” Mrs Rock replied with a steely edge in her voice. “I found two packets of cigarettes taped underneath your dressing table.”
I'll bet you can guess what happens next, am I right? Thought so ;)  But of course you'll want to read on to make sure, so click here to enjoy the rest of the story.

From Hermione's Heart


Cat said...

Never have understood the bending over and touching your toes while spanked. Seems to me that would be much harder to stay in position. Wonder if she got another spanking from her father. Thanks for sharing, Hermione.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

ronnie said...

Thanks for sharing the story Hermione.

P had me touch my toes for a spanking once (that was rather a long time ago) We both didn't like it so didn't happen again.


Lindy Thomas said...

Thanks for the story Hermione. I agree it would be a hard position to maintain.

I have a question, do you have any fantasies you'd like fulfilled?
Hugs Lindy

Hermione said...

Cat - I've never understood it either. I have never been able to touch my toes anyway!

Ronnie - I should think it would be very uncomfortable.

Lindy - Thanks for that question. I will answer it next week.