Saturday, March 19, 2016

You Completed the Caption

Leigh: I'm ready when you are.

Anon 1: I've been a very naughty girl and I really need a good, sound spanking. As you can see, it wouldn't take much effort for the right man to put me over his knee, bare my bottom and give me exactly what I deserve. Think you're up to the task?

Baxter: I cannot decide what position i want to be spanked in. hands on the barrel or laying over the barrel. decisions. maybe HE will decide.

Sir Wendel: Bad girls get spankings and I’ve been very bad.

Ronnie: Don't keep me waiting.

Simon: Well you bought this hideous thing so what do you think is going to happen?

Anon 2: You see, you just put your foot on the cushion like this. Then you take a bratty lady, drape her right over your knee and, voila, her bottom's perfectly positioned for you to administer that spanking she so richly deserves. It's very easy ... and, I can tell you from experience ... very, very effective. You'd like a demonstration? ... Right now? ... Do you really think that's necessary, I mean, it really is quite simple? ... Well, yes, the customer IS always right ... But please, take it easy, I've already given several demonstrations this morning and I'm ... Ouch, ouch, ouch, oowwwwwwwwwwwwww ...

Six of the best: "My master is going to cane my derriere tonight. He promised me 'six of the best' with the cane on my naked rear end. Six of the very best strokes with this pliable stinging corporal punishment implement."

Vfrat25000: You look so sexy and radiant in that pose!
Radiant my ass, some idiot put glue on top of this stool. My foot is stuck. Get me off this thing!

Lady, we are auditioning for Mr. Paul’s Children’s Hour not Captain Eveready’s Floating Den of Sin that show is three doors down. Wait a second. I wonder? Have we filled the spot for Aunt Lulu yet?

Would you tie my shoe?
Uhh, Maam your shoes don’t have any laces.
What is it with you guys? Do I have to spell it out: “I’m as ready as a sailor off a three month cruise!” Now come over here and “TIE” my shoe!

Hi Doctor…Do you want me to climb up on the table?

Guess what color of panties I’m wearing and you get a special prize!

Dad! I think Mom wants to discuss that trip to Hawaii some more!
Why do you say that son?

Remember when you said if I don’t behave myself at the church’s silent auction tonight you might spank me? Well go find your hairbrush. Reverend Mitchell is never going to be same!

Hermione: Get yourself over my knee this minute!

From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

Someone put glue on the top of my hand and the bottom of my shoe. I can't move. Why, anyone could tickle or spank me to their heart's content.