Saturday, March 5, 2016

You Completed the Caption

Ella: Perhaps the frog will turn into a handsome Prince who likes to spank teachers!

Anon 1: To the delight of all the boys, Jimmy's prank had forced Miss Spencer to expose her knickers, garters and stocking tops in front of the class. And as if that wasn't enough of a thrill for them, they knew the principal, upon hearing the noise emanating from their classroom, would arrive shortly, and finding Miss Spencer in such an unseemly position, would order her to his office for a "conference." The boys well knew what would take place, and while they wouldn't be able to see Miss Spencer draped over the principal's lap, skirt up and knickers down, they certainly would be able to hear the loud smacks and her cries of distress as the principal applied the paddle to her bare bottom. 

Red: Red knew his bottom would be spanked as red as the two apples on her desk, but it would be worth it for seeing his teacher's stockings and panties. A small price to pay for bringing a mouse into the classroom.

Anon 2: In all the excitement, Mrs. Ellington forgot about the headmaster's warning that if she could not maintain control of her class, he would find it necessary to discipline not only the class miscreants, but her, as well. Now, standing on the chair, flashing her frilly undies for everyone to see, she realized she would soon be flashing more than that when she was face down across the headmaster's knee for her appointment with the school paddle. And if that wasn't bad enough, she knew the headmaster would notify her husband about what had transpired because of the school's "spanked at school, spanked at home" policy, and that she'd surely be in for a long session with the hairbrush that evening. Thanks to little Billy's prank, Mrs. Ellington thought as she heard the headmaster enter the room, she wouldn't be sitting comfortably for quite a while, which was just fine with her.

Six of the best: "The headmaster has promised to take my knickers down, and cane my tender bare bottom," said the female teacher.

Kingspan: When Principal Jones wanted to be treated like a naughty schoolboy, he would signal by leaving two red apples on the teacher's desk, and playing a childish prank. Scaring the teacher with a live frog should get him the switching he was hoping for - once teacher got down from the chair, that is.

Katie: Miss Bethany knew that the children had left for the day. Certainly there was no one around at this late hour who would discover them having some spanky fun. She simply could not help it. When her Sir asked her to bend over the desk, with a ruler in his hand, she wriggled her nose and turned him into a frog! Only thing was - she was scared to death of frogs.

Sir Wendel: After Principle Edwards administered a dozen licks, Miss Sally remembered the old wives’ tale that’s says frog slime will help relieve the pain of the cane and decided to give it a go.

Hermione: After seeing Miranda's reaction, Roger decided that using a frog as a paddle probably wasn't going to work very well.

You haven't seen the last of this hilarious picture. Check back next week for another interpretation.
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