Monday, March 21, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 20

The question this week was about the frequency and regularity of your spankings. 

abby: Both. We learned that is we did not make 'spanking time' a regular event, life often got the best of us. So every Monday is a maintenance spanking, and we reserve some time on Friday for some spanking fun. We sometimes have to adjust these, but we both are committed to these times. There are also the spontaneous spankings, and birthday ones, and .....

Anon 1: Every few weeks. SO lives 175 miles away, so we plan all get togethers. Sunday being most recent. She was still feeling it a bit Thursday, so they tend to be memorable lengthy spankings.

Simon: Not as often as I would like.

Emerging Lurker: We average about twice a week when kids are in school and once every 4-6 weeks during the summer. I would like more opportunities year round.

Jan: Hi Hermione, It is pretty regular fun around here, at least weekly. At the moment I am on a ban after an operation and it is like the elephant in the room, lol. We are both missing it!

Anon 2: We have agreed that we need as many boot-camp days as possible. It is a way we want to naturally be at all times, but life in our respective roles in occupation and other circles intercepts our attention. The days come and go, and quickly I've stepped back into my strong independent thinking and doing self (which I would love to not be). I hate spankings themselves, but if they were more frequent my body would adjust to the physical sting and then he could spank me the way we both want/need for him to. The way that changes behaviors. (I feel like a squirmy sissy.) The more we adhere to a DD style communication and role assumption, the happier, connected, stronger and more amorous we are as a married couple. Which delivers a daily higher energy, to think about him rather than the dredges of work (which I do love and do get consumed with-too much).

Baxter: Wife spanks me at least once a week, typically as part of our foreplay. Sometimes she spanks me a lot and then I cannot perform. LOL. But if she does it the right amount, the performance is orgasmic for both of us.

Lindy: It depends on Bear's moods. Sometimes it's frequently with plenty of spanking and swats in between which is fun. Then other times I keep asking and he says NO.

Terpsichore: not often enough :-)

Ella: Lately the average is about 2 times a week. One is an "adjustment" spanking that keeps me focused on my attitude and patience. One is usually a Just Because I can and Just Because I love you spanking. These are my favorite! Once in awhile there is a serious spanking for pulling away or messing up on a rule. All others are usually associated with bedroom activities. I do not ever ask, because that does not feel right to me.

Leigh: As Terps said, not nearly often enough.

arched one: Starting out they were about 2-3 times a week. Now I get spanked once a week. That is unless I mess up and get punished. Punishment does not mean I don't get my weekly spanking.

Ronnie: Sometimes I can be spanked 3, 4 or more times in a week just depends on what's happening. I can always take more spankings. More the better.

Anon 3: Just as often as is necessary to maintain a lovely blushing pink on my lady 's rear cheeks always.

Anon 4: Not nearly often enough. I'd like more routine maintenance but life with kids in the house makes this impossible. Sigh.

Abby Williams: We go in seasons, periods of time where it's all we want to do by the end of the day, offset by periods of time where it's more of an occasional event. It's always in the background, an integral part of the relationship in everything from our good mornings to our good nights. When we're in "on" spanking mode, it might be like Ronnie's answer - three or four times a week, and more is always better! If we're in "off" mode due to whatever might be going on in regular life, we still talk and tease about it but might only be able to get to a full session once a week or every other week.

Loki: Not as often as I used to do and like. My work schedule is pretty much to blame for this. I am working towards changing that in the near future.

Hermione: We have a regular weekly day and time for spanking. It's only rescheduled because of illness or family visits. I wouldn't mind the odd spontaneous spanking now and again.

Thank you all for sharing. See you next week!
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

I know this is late but...
My wife and I live with immediate and extended family so play time nowadays is non-existent. However, we have planned a weekend away on my bithday a copule of weeks from now so it will be my first spanking in 7 months. So looking forward to it.