Saturday, March 26, 2016

You Completed the Caption

This is the caption on the original picture. Now let's see what you came up with.

Minelle: Okay, okay! Just hurry, my bottom is waiting!

Leigh: "I'm waiting for Harry to get here. I hope he comes soon, I can't maintain this position for long." Miranda tells her girlfriend.

Baxter: What do you mean you are going to be late? I rushed around and got all ready for you and have my very naughty bottom on display. I want my spanking now, not later.

 Ronnie: All I want him to do is spank me. Any suggestions?

Sir Wendel: Yes, I did by the shoes.
Yes, I did buy the silk panties and stockings.
Yes, I did wear them when I told Charles the price.
Yes, I did tell Charles I bought the shoes on sale but he is going to spank me anyway.
No, I did not realize how much of a lucky girl I am.

Anon: You're not going to believe what he did. The brute. He said I'd been a very naughty girl for running up his credit card bill. And then he turned me over his knee, pulled down the frilly panties I bought this morning and wore just for him, and he spanked me. Hard. On my bare bottom. With my own hairbrush. Yes, it hurt like crazy. My bottom's so sore. I'm lying on the bed to talk to you because my poor fanny is so tender I can't even sit down. No, I'm angry with him, it really was my fault. And even though the spanking really, really hurt, it got me very aroused. Yes, he's still here. He's in the bathroom right now. Oh, here he comes. He looks very excited and ready to forgive me. He says I owe him a big apology. I think I might have to get down on my knees and show him just how sorry I am. I've got to go. I'll call you later and let you know what happened.

Did you hear the latest? My stupid sister got spanked by her husband for gossiping on the phone. Her bottom is still red! I know, right? Doesn't she have anything better to do than sit around the house and gossip about other women? I'm just glad that I'm not immature like her. I never talk about other people behind their backs.

Can I place an order? I would like 100 spanks please, 50 on each cheek. I would also like something to suck on afterwards. 

I know you expect me to be sympathetic, Janice, and I am sorry your bottom is so sore, but believe me, you don't know how lucky you are to have a boyfriend like Jerry who spanks you when you need it, and you know you need it. I'd give anything to find a nice, strong man who won't hesitate to put me over his knee and blister my bottom when I get out of line. I've been such a brat with the last five guys I've dated, but not a one of them would give me the spanking I deserved. I even wore my special "spank me" knickers tonight, left my hairbrush in plain sight on the end table next to the sofa and practically threw myself across my date's lap, but nothing ... Yeah, I can hold ... Oh, hi Jerry ... Oh, she told you about my, uh, predicament ... Yeah, I'm free tomorrow night ... Dinner at your house ... Sure ... Oh, with you and Janice and your roommate ... What's that? ... Make sure I wear my "spank me" panties ... Okay ... I mean, okay, sir ... Six o'clock sharp ... Yes, sir. I'll be there, sir ... And you'll provide the hairbrush ... Oh, my (gulp) ... I mean, Oh, my, sir ... 

Hi ... Is this 1-800-SpankMe ... Yes, I've been very naughty and I need you to send someone to my house to spank me ... Yes, ma'am ... I'd like to order the "Selfish, Spoiled Brat, Can't Sit Down for a Week" package ... Yes, I know, that comes with a paddle, a hairbrush and an implement of the spanker's choice ... Yes, I understand that package is administered OTK and on the bare bottom ... Yes, I'd also like to add in some "Corner Time" ... Oh, really, that comes with the package ... Yes, ma'am, I'm already stripped down to my panties, stockings and heels, so I'm ready whenever he gets here ... Yes, ma'am, I really am a very naughty lady ... Yes, ma'am, I am also very horny ... Sure, as long as you're running a special, I'd love to add on the "Sex After Spanking" package ... Oh, he'd be expect to do that ... Oh, no, I have no problem doing that for him ... Yes, ma'am, as a matter of fact, that's one of my favorite after-spanking activities ... I especially love doing that with my sore, red bottom on display so he can enjoy the view and admire his handiwork ... About an hour ... Great ... I'll be waiting ...

When you get home from work should my panties be on or off? You say off? Really? ..... Okay ..... Yes sir. 

Today is the belt? I thought today was the ping pong paddle? Oh well. As long as it's not the cane. You know I hate the cane.

Abby Williams: "I've been trying to get the heel of my shoe hooked into my panties like in all those black and white photos for the last hour, but I just can't do it! I must have looked so foolish on my webcam feed. I'm so embarrassed! Please, come spank me now so my paying customers will see some real action!"
...(listens to answer on other end)...
"No, kicking myself in the ass doesn't count!"

Dr. Ken: "Mom, I did everything you suggested, and he STILL won't spank me! What am I going to do now?"

Wow! Those were fantastic! I hope you all stick around for brunch, coming up next.
From Hermione's Heart

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