Monday, March 7, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 6

Do you celebrate birthdays with a spanking? Some do, some don't.

Yorkie: As much as I'd love to, we don't indulge. With 4 older children, my father, sister and her daughter all living with us it is impossible to do ttwd.

I am married to the most wonderful woman who spanks me because I asked her to. We don't do role play, punishment or domination. It is simply because I like it and it turns me on. The harder and longer the better.

She hates it but indulges me anyway. I love it because it connects us and I can be open an honest about my needs which she prefers. She is my best friend and I show her my gratitude with great enthusiasm - if you know what I mean. ;)

Jan: Hi Hermione, Happy Birthday to you and your Blog!

abby: Happy Birthday Hermione, hope your celebration includes a spanking. We do celebrate both of our birthdays with a spanking. I get the spanking each time! For my birthday I do get to choose my favorite toys and I usually try to show up with a new toy for Him to enjoy on my bottom.

Downunder Don: Hi Hermione, and a big Happy Birthday to you.We do not do birthday spankings as such, but if there are any sessions around a birthday it is counted. Maybe next year when the number is divisible by 10!!

Liza: I get a birthday spanking but my husband doesn't.
A very happy birthday, Hermione; I hope you're having a fantastic day!!!

Baxter: Oh yes. My wife and I have birthdays within two days of each other and yes, there are birthday spankings. Since I am the spankee and her the spanker, I not only get my birthday spanking, I get hers as well. This year I will get my 60 spanks and her 59 spanks. Looking forward to it in mid August.

Lindy: Happy birthday to you Hermione and also to your blog.
Last year we started birthday spanks for Bear's birthday as we were away for mine. I get the spanks as Bear is the spanker in our house.

Hope you received a birthday spank for yours and have a wonderful day.

Sir Wendel: Birthday spankings? Absolutely. It’s a fun way to get a sore bottom.
Happy Birthday Hermione!!!!

Amy: Happy birthday to you and your blog, Hermione! I got all excited on Eric's birthday thinking it was the one day a year I would get to spank him but... nope! He spanked me in honor of each of his years. Hmmmm. Luckily, I love that feeling. Hope you were happily swatted for both your birthday and your blog birthday. Might as well double up!

arched one: First two happy birthdays for you and your blog Hermione and hope you get spanked for both I know you would love it. Birthday spankings yes we both get them. R is the spanker in this house but on her birthday is the only time she will consent to me spanking her. I see a few responders say they get spanked for both birthdays, I would not object to that if R wanted it.

Bogey: Since we both like to spank and be spanked, so we get spanked on our birthday's. In fact, we designate the entire month as Birthday Month. Bacall has also been spanked by friends and relatives on her birthday. Girls have all the fun.

Leigh: Happy Birthday Hermione and Hermione's Heart.

He does birthday spankings - I get his too. It's usually the one I can count on but it didn't happen this past year. Maybe his birthday in July.

Katie: Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Hermione!! :) Also, Happy Blogging Birthday! Thank you for all that you do for us here in the land! It is much appreciated. I hope that you have had a super celebration, as well as some great birthday spanking to go with it all!

Rob gives the spankings around our place. I am the recipient. We don't have formal plans around birthdays for spankings or anything. I am pretty sure that I have been spanked on my birthday in the past though. I'd have to think back on it all. Last year we did not do that as I had just lost Dad so...! This year is a new year and we will see what happens! But I am definitely in favour of a nice OTL GG spanking to celebrate! Yes I AM!!! LOL! Hope that you enjoy! Many happy birthday hugs.

Ella: We did have a hilarious spanking on his birthday recently. Only Sam spanks at our house. It's not that the spanking was a mild one, he just got me laughing. I had teased him about his age. I was bent over the kitchen counter, and there were multiple kitchen items close at hand!

Bonnie: Happy birthday, Hermione!

Yes, we have spankings at our house to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and all manner of other holidays and pseudo-holidays. For Sweetest Day, for example, I received chocolates and a sore bottom. Valentine's Day? You got it. Red roses and a bottom to match. I think this routine might get tiresome but for the fact that we both really enjoy it.

Randy loves surprises and mixes that unexpected element into our milestone spanking sessions. For practical reasons, his scenarios are not quite as theatrical as in years past, but I'm still surprised in a good way.

Ronnie: Happy Birthday Hermione and Happy Blogiversary. I hope you are enjoying the day and you get your birthday spankings.

P does the birthday spankings and I get his too.

S: Happy birthday Hermione, and please please tell us every detail of the lovely birthday spanking I'm sure you received.
I always get a birthday spanking, for which I wear my sexiest undies, for D to bare my bottom, and give it a long loving pat a cake until it is glowing and smarting with pleasure, and I am ready to receive my two birthday presents, first a thorough seeing to, and then an exciting wrapped present.

Red: Happy birthday Hermione... and happy blog anniversary. Should that not be worth two spankings today?

Terpsichore: First of all, wishing you the happiest of birthdays! :-) As for birthday spankings I have often fantasized about birthday spankings; however, the tradition has not caught on in our household. However, I did get spanked my last birthday with a special new flogger. Perhaps it will appear again this year...and if it does I will welcome it.

Jack: Happy Birthday and happy Blog-iversary (I don't think that is really a word - but I hope you get the point).

Yes, we do birthday spankings - just a fun spanking for her birthday - but not all the time - just when she is in the mood (So I try to make her Birthday really fun - when I can - so hopefully she will be in the mood).

Just as a side note: my children were born just about 9 months after her birthday on two of the years we celebrated her birthday with a spanking.

Cutiebootie: Happy birthday to you and your blog, Hermione! I hope that you get a birthday spanking, and perhaps your blog, too! =)

I love receiving a birthday spanking. Unfortunately, it is rare for my guy and I to be together on my birthday, simply because it is in early July, just after Canada Day when we are all on vacation. He does give me my birthday spanking before my birthday.

I have never given my guy a spanking. These days, he is curious to find out whether he likes it. His birthday is this month, so I could give him a lighter version of a birthday spanking and see how that goes.

Hermione: We haven't done birthday spankings as a rule, except when my birthday falls on our regular day for spanking. As it happens, it did this year, so I actually did get a birthday spanking. I didn't get a second one for my blog's birthday, but believe me, the rattan carpet beater counted double!

Thank you all for your good wishes. Your faithful support over the years is very much appreciated.
From Hermione's Heart


sixofthebest said...

Happy birthday Hermione, and may your knicker's down bare bottom, be blessed with many a birthday spanks from your ever loving husband.

Dr. Ken said...

Happy birthday, Hermione! I hope you and your blog got the spankings you deserved! :-)

Hermione said...

Thank you Six and Dr. Ken.