Monday, March 14, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 13

What does your posterior enjoy besides being spanked? As it happens, quite a lot!

Anon: My husband loves my ass, which is a great thing because I am really into anal play. Spanking is therapeutic, playful and fun. We also have a collection of butt plugs and soon will try figging for the first time. One of our favorite positions is him spanking and riding my ass while I have a toy in front. He's very oral, which feels amazing and recently, I got to return the favor. He even went so far as having me finger his butt while giving him a blow job. Warning - when done right, anal play is addictive. ;)

Simon: I love giving and receiving bottom massages. Gently rubbing oils into a beautiful bottom and hearing her moans of pleasure is highly enjoyable and receiving similar is fantastic.

Wilma: Yup. For a man who claimed years ago 'that' wasn't never on his mind, he has made a full turn around. I am still getting used to the idea of it while it is happening, relaxing enough to enjoy it to its fullest potential, ( it does have its benefits *wink*) I will say, it does make you feel very submissive, and him VERY dominant.

abby: Master and i have discovered that my bottom, besides being a spanking zone is also an erogenous zone. After a spanking, while it is still red and hot, if Master pinches or rubs His finger nails over my bottom, I am soon panting, squirming and begging for a release. And anal sex is also on that list....honestly I did nor think I would enjoy it....but was proven wrong, once again.

Amy: After a spanking, Eric draws a heart on my bottom with a red sharpie. He does it to remind me we do this out of love. It's fun being his canvas. Who knew the guy was artistic!

Ronnie: When P massages, strokes and squeezes my bottom and I love having it kissed. Happy I married a bottoms man.

S: My man is a true spanker of my ample bottom, and I enjoy that, but he also likes to follow on with every sort of rubbing, needing, stroking, caressing, and penetration, which I like just as much. One foible of his, that after a spanking, caning, strapping or whatever, he likes to photograph my chastised rump. We keep an album of these photos, strictly for ourselves, which shows my rear cheeks in every hue from pristine white, through red and scarlet to striped and bruised, each photo is dated, and lists the number of whacks and with what.

Hermione: Ron is very much an ass man, as you may have guessed. he loves to caress and fondle my bottom, and I enjoy doing the same to his. We also enjoy anal sex just as much as, if not more than, the other way(s).

Thank you to everyone who joined in the conversation this week. Let's do this again next weekend.
From Hermione's Heart

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Enzo said...

Apologies for being late to brunch again…
This was actually one I was really interested on attending as this is a question I have been curious about as well for awhile. Love reading the responses and knowing I’m not alone overall. I’ll have to expand at some point on my long list of (almost) all things bottom related.