Thursday, April 21, 2016

Complete the Caption

Here`s a clever cartoon featuring two well-loved characters from childhood. How this awkward scene came about is up to you!

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your speech balloons on Saturday.

From Hermione's Heart


sixofthebest said...

"One two, I spank you. Three, four, I give you more. Five six, I give you licks. Seven, eight, for being late."

Anonymous said...

Not only will I teach you how to behave when I'm done Archie will give you a lesson.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Betty, I'm sure you believe the prank was all Veronica's fault, but since I caught you together, you're both being punished. I've already sent Veronica to the corner with a very red bottom, and you'll be joining her just as soon as I finish warming yours.

Mr. Weatherbee, this isn't fair. You're letting Archie spank Veronica while you spank me. I know we both deserve to be spanked, but couldn't you trade?

You needn't keep looking at Veronica, my dear, she can't help you, and she's not going anywhere, either. Believe me, as soon as I'm finished with you, she'll be taking your place over my lap, and I promise you, her bottom will be just as sore as yours when I'm done.

Baxter said...

I am really enjoying spanking your youthful bottom. How nice of you to be naughty so I can do this every day.

Sir Wendel Jones said...

Mr. Weatherbee: This is for my own good.
Betty : That’s what they all say.

DelFonte said...

If you will dress like Waldo and hide in a crowd, this is what happens when I find you.

Kingspan said...

I already drew the Archie page, and the Jughead page, but what should I draw for the Betty page? Betty page... Betty page... Betty Page... that gives me an idea!

Anonymous said...

Wait 'til I get my hands on Veronica. She said if I wore a skirt it would get men to give me a "warm" welcome. Well, they sure did, and every one of them has turned me over his knee, bared my bottom and "warmed" me until I can't sit down. Now I find out they did the same thing to her yesterday and she didn't want me to feel left out.

js666 said...

Veronica was able to prevail on her father to include a most unusual condition in his gift of the new high school gymnasium.

Sweetspot said...

Having an hour-glass figure didn't help Betty Cooper be a good time-keeper accumulating four late to class referrals in the first month of the school year.

Betty now realized that the student who allowed their friend to copy from their homework was also considered a cheater.

If the paddle had been allowed to be used on girls, Betty's punishment would have been limited to two swats. But since spanking was the punishment for females Betty was "detained" in the office for most of second period.

Being compared to Thelma and Louise by the media during their recent "road trip" didn't help Betty and Veronica when it was time to be punished for truancy.

"Betty I understand you'll get another spanking when you get home." "Yes sir, my mother spanks me and my father spanks me." "I see, will who hurts the most?" "I do!"

"When I get home my father will spank me with one of his ping-pong paddles"
"You need to either start behaving or get your dad to take-up chess."

"All right Betty that will be 10 spanks for each of the five times you've been late, 12 spanks for being a senior, 17 spanks for being 17 years old and 15 spanks because this is your 3rd visit to the office this semester, any questions?" "No sir, I guess I should consider myself lucky that you don't spank by the inch that would be 68 more spanks!"

When the principal hadn't finished spanking Betty her bottom looked like two Easter eggs that had been dipped in red dye.