Monday, April 4, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 3

Have your reactions after a spanking ever been noticed by someone else?

Anon 1: My spankee, after our first meeting, about an hour after departing, started rubbing her bottom at a gas station while filling up, and caught herself. It was a low population area, so there was only one other customer who did not appear to notice.

arched one: Your question could be very embarrassing. I wish I could add to the experience but it has never happened to me.

Bonnie: This problem arises occasionally. Randy loves to go out on the town while I am in a freshly spanked state. Or perhaps, it's that he likes to spank me before we're supposed to go out. Either way, the answer is yes.

I have developed a standard cover story. If asked, I respond, "Oh, it's just a touch of sciatica." I don't have this ailment, but claiming it dismisses any suspicion of paddle burn. If Randy is present at such times, he often just stands there with a big cat-ate-the-canary grin as if to silently suggest, "No, it isn't." Observers are left to make up their own minds.

Wilma: Not reacted, but one Canada Day my shorts rode up my legs to expose a angular bruise on my upper thigh. A good friend of ours, who is definitely someone I would refer to as an Alpha Male, commented after many other friends did, " I have had those type of marks on me, after my Mom whacked me with a Hot Wheels track as a kid". He took the conversation away from me, which made me very grateful, but at the same time, made me realize, oh HE KNOWS! LOL

Jenn: As I've said before, I am a runner, so I often say "Ow" as I am sitting down. So it's not suspicious at all if I say "Ow".

Ronnie: Have winced a few times sitting down to dinner in restaurants (P often likes to spank me before we go out) Also have been quite fidgety when sitting on hard seats having dinner at friends. If our hosts noticed they didn't say anything.

Fondles: I've fidgeted and/or rearranged myself when out at a restaurant / cafe, but i don't think anyone's noticed, or if they did, I didn't realise it. But I'm often walking/backing up into things and have had bruises on my thigh / calf / arm often enough that if a friend mentioned it I would probably be able to get away with a story about bumping into the table edge or something.

Hermione: It often happens that after a spanking I am sitting on a hard wooden bench during a performance of the singing group I am in. Just yesterday, in fact, my bottom was still sore after a spanking the night before. I grabbed one of the cushions that are usually lying around (some members have arthritis and need them) and sat on it. No one cared, but if anyone had commented I would have said that I hurt my back.

There you have it!
From Hermione's Heart

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