Thursday, April 28, 2016

Complete the Caption

Prior to a stage performance, there is always a lot of frantic activity in the dressing room that the audience never sees, but this kind of activity isn't the norm. Or is it?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your submissions on Saturday. Thank you DelFonte for the picture.

From Hermione's Heart


sixofthebest said...

"Naughty ladies, you do not need to dress up, where you are going. For its Knickers down, down, down, and my pliable cane descending on your tender bare derriere's, that await you all."

Simon said...

I'm telling you you're the wrong way round, the one playing the head of the horse should be at the front. Get it right or the pantomime horse will look ridiculous.

Aimless Rambling said...

No smart comment, but I do love this picture.

ronnie said...

See if I stand close like this no one will be able see Lucy's spanked red bottom.


Anonymous said...

Look. He bent me over just like this and spanked my bottom until I was too sore to sit down.

Girl in back: I don't know why we go to the trouble of putting on all this stuff when they're just going to put us over their knees and pull everything down so they can spank our bare bottoms.
Girl standing: Oh, honey, that's half the fun, having him take off one layer at a time until I'm totally bare.
Girl bending over: There's nothing I like better then wiggling around on my guy's lap while he slowly pulls down my panties. I'm getting warm just thinking about it.

DelFonte said...

Bending girl: Oh shit, I split the seam. Now they'll see my red ass.

Baxter said...

Oh ladies, isn't this fun being scantily clad, waiting for the lead man to come in, ogle us, take us over his muscular lap and spank us with his big strong hand? It gives me a nice warm feeling you know where just thinking of it.

WendelJones said...

Thought it was: “Break a leg” not “Paddle my ass”

Kingspan said...

The woman playing Kate made sure everyone got a few spanks before the show, just to keep it fair.

Anonymous said...

Girl bending over: I'm so pissed off. I can't believe my boyfriend spanked me before I left for work, and now I have to go on with a sore bottom. How bad does it look? Do my lacy undies cover up my roasted rump?
Girl behind her: Ginny, I'm afraid your bottom's going to need a lot more covering than that skimpy outfit provides, unless you want everyone in the audience to know you just got spanked. Why do you think I'm wearing these big panties? I like wearing revealing lingerie that shows off my best ASSets, but not after the way my boyfriend blistered my bottom this morning. Right, Ellen?
Girl in back: Oh, yeah. Jeanie's butt is at least as red as yours ... and mine, too, which is why I'm not wearing the frilly panties I showed my boyfriend last night. Do you know that he forbid me to wear them on stage today? And when I told him I was a grown woman and would do exactly as I pleased, he said that was fine with him, but that he was going to make sure that all the men in the audience knew my bottom belonged to him. Then he put me over his knee, branded my poor little heinie with a paddle, and told me I was free to wear whatever I wanted to ... which is why I decided, on my own, that I'd wear these granny panties.

Anonymous said...

Tall woman: Hey, Janice, look at how red Katie's behind is. Looks like the boss finally gave miss goody two shoes here her first on-the-job spanking. I guess she ain't his sweet little pet no more.
Woman in back: It's about time he got wise to her shenanigans. I was gettin' real tired of the way he was lettin' her get away with stuff, but at least once a day he'd find some reason to put you and me over his knee for a long, hard bare bottom spanking with that damn hairbrush of his. It was really startin' to piss me off that we'd have to go on stage every night with our freshly toasted buns stuffed inside these horrible knickers while she got to flit around in her dainty little undies. Well, welcome to the blistered butt club, honey!
Tall woman: Yeah, I guess she won't be wearing this sexy little thing no more, will she? Unless she likes having her bright red fanny on display so's everyone can admire its warm glow.
Woman in front: Oh, just shut up and hand me a pair of those damn knickers ... and an ice pack, if you've got one!

Vfrat25000 said...

Larry, Moe and Curly were not at all like they appeared on the big screen. In the dressing room MUCH, MUCH different.

Girls I am lost. Are we here for one of Donald’s Campaign Stops or are were competing in the Miss Universe Pageant.

Every school boy has always wondered what went on behind the door to the all mysterious “Teacher’s Lounge!”

Margaret, I don’t think this the room where they store the choir robes!

The Fox News dressing room for potential news anchors!

You know Alice this stunt is most likely going to get us spanked!
I know Millie but the look on the face of my tyrannical mother in law will be worth it.
Your right Millie, that old bat has it coming. I’m glad I could help. Now let’s give that old battle-ax a Thanksgiving Dinner she will never forget.

Store Clerk
Ladies, Uhhh, Do you realize you don’t have to try on the clothes in the clothes aisles. We have dressing rooms!