Thursday, August 25, 2016

Complete the Caption

The 2016 Olympics are over, but this image of a pair of Canadian synchronized divers stuck in my mind. As soon as I saw it I thought what a good pose for a pair of spankings, except for the fact that they were about 10 metres in the air! What do you think?

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will post your scored on Saturday (subject to drug testing, as always).
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Diving for the Golden Snitch, the Quidditch pair were soon spanked by the competing pair of Beaters swooping from behind.

Unknown said...

Dateline: Brazil August, 2016. Sports fans had mixed reactions to the introduction of a new Olympic event, "Synchronized Mooning," yesterday as demonstrated by the Buttovski sisters, Derriere and Boom-boom......

Baxter said...

one on the left: You gotta learn to stick your butt out more when doing this maneuver, just like I tell you when I spank your bottom. Boy are you going to get it when we get home.
one on the right: yeah yeah, Ok, I will stick my butt out more, but you need to learn how to spank me better.
one one the left: deal

Michael M said...

Diver 1. Why do our swimsuits have to disappear at the back and the boys' don't?

Diver 2. How else are we going to get this sport on the TV?

Simon said...

We've trained for 10 years, making a lot of physical and financial sacrifices, honing our bodies and abilities to the peak and what do we get? A bunch of weirdos making comments about our bums on the Internet! Mind you at least they are admiring them.

ronnie said...

Sarah was happy knowing her bum looked better than Jane's when they did this dive.