Saturday, August 13, 2016

You Completed the Caption

What conversation did you overhear?

kdpierre: Him: "I envision a future, perhaps in the Colonies, where men can be free."
Her: "Men can be free? Men can be free! Give me that pen! I envision a future where women are in control...and there's toilet paper. Yes, definitely toilet paper."

Simon: The Marquis was trying to think of a name for the activities described in his book. Somehow Alphonsism didn't seem quite right.

Leigh: "Our morning escapades allow me to get smoothly through the day, dear. They help me find the words.

Anon: "I think I shall write a letter to my mother, asking her to spend the summer with us."
"Oh dear, let me write it for you. I'll convince her to brave the horrors and discomfort of travel."

Baxter: I told you to write down a list of things you should be spanked for and there you are day dreaming. Well time is up! Get up, strip naked and go stand in the corner while I retrieve the hairbrush and tawse. Maybe you will learn a lesson.

Sir Wendel: That is quite enough work for one day dear. Time to declare your belt on my very naughty bottom so I can proclaim out loud.

Ronnie: Reginald was thinking back on the delights of last night when he had his wife naked over his desk.

Vfrat25000: (Him) Too bad there is no such thing as a cheerleader in the colonial times.
(Her) Who says there isn’t darling? Fight…Fight…Win!!! Want me to do a handstand?

Great, I am “three sheets to wind” drunk and she wants to play!

Who put this poison ivy in my pocket?

Come on you old goat! Give me that Viagra Feather. Its time to get this ship sailing!

Great, I’m horny and the old fart is sound asleep with his eyes open. That is so creepy!

Sir Charles, I have my “The Queen is so fat her cereal bowl needs a lifeguard!” panties on. You know that is a criminal offense. I must be punished..Right?
Hermione: If you think you can give me a good spanking with that feather, my dear, you are very much mistaken.

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From Hermione's Heart

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