Saturday, August 20, 2016

You FIlled in the Blanks

Today's fill-in generated some interesting responses from you.

Kingspan: Because despite all the great spanking fiction on the internet, all her friends want to talk about is Fifty Shades of Grey.

kdpierre: "Aw, don't be worried, honey. Those are tears of joy. Mommy just looked at the calendar and realized how soon school will be starting."

Dr. Ken: Because Mommy was a naughty girl and got a spanking. Now stop asking questions or you'll get the same...

Ronnie: She was a naughty Mommy so I spanked her and sent her to bed.

Anon: Uhm, sweetie, I'm sorry you had to see Mommy crying, but it's because .... Well, uhm, you know what happens to you when you've been a naughty girl? That's right, you get a spanking ... and it hurts ... and it makes you cry, but you know Mommy and I spank you because we love you very much and we want you to learn to be a well-behaved young lady. Well, when mommies are very naughty, daddies sometimes have to give them spankings to help them learn things, too. So, because Mommy was very, very naughty and got a ticket for speeding when she was driving you home from school, which is very, very dangerous, I had to spank her with the hairbrush, just like I do with you, and that made her cry. But don't worry, Mommy said very sorry, and she's promised to be very good and to drive safely from now on. So, she'll be just fine once she's had some time in the corner to think about how she's going to keep her promise.

Hermione: "Erm...she stubbed her toe on this ping pong paddle that somebody left lying on the floor. Hey, how about a game?"

Now let's all go out for brunch. I know a great place, not too far from here. Stay tuned.
From Hermione's Heart

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Unknown said...

I just LOVE the first one from Kingspan! And it definitely strikes close to home as well. The best humor is wrapped in a blanket of truth.