Monday, August 1, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for July 31

What is the longest period of time you have waited between spankings?

kdpierre: The longest period lasted several months due to mutual, mood-killing stress. It happens. Even now we went from being pretty active to being a bit kink-dormant ......again because of stress. Stress just sucks.

Pete: Because of children, two young sons we only have punishment night once a week. That is Friday when the boys go stay with their grand parents. There have been a few times that we have strayed from that schedule. The last time I was working on a Sunday she called I hung up on her. She was so pissed she called a sitter came to my office and gave my ass enough punishment that I had a hard time sitting for several days.

abby: Almost 2 months because of major surgery and complications....we had lots to catch up on...

Amy: We are new to this (one year on July 5th) but now it looks like Eric's job will be taking him away for months at a time. :( Any suggestions? Sniffle.

Amy, that's a great question and one I will pose at our next brunch.

Roz: We started out spanking for play and then introduced domestic discipline into our relationship. When we ended DD for some reason all spanking stopped for many months. We finally starting spanking occasionally for fun again then life, major surgery and recovery and illness happened.

Bonnie: We abstained for most of my nine month pregnancy and then for a while afterward. I was willing (and really could have used the stress relief), but Randy didn't want to take any chances with our baby (who is now in her thirties, healthy, and a mother in her own right).

Yorkie: If I remember correctly, it would be about 7 months without a spanking as we used to live with extended family and it just wasn't possible with that many people living in the house. The two spankings after 7 months happened because my wife and I went away for the weekend, September last year (wedding anniversary) and April this year (both our birthdays).
In a couple of weeks it will be party time again as we go spend another weekend away so this time only 4 months and if we work it right we might be able to play at home once on a while.
But for now, all I can do is dream about it...

Dr. Ken: 9 months, marking the period between a spanking party in October and the next spanking party in July. And the reason for it is the obvious one--lack of a local play partner.

Ronnie: We've had spanking droughts over the years. Work being manic, family problems, health reasons. It happens and spanking just has to go on the back burner. To be honest I can't remember our longest drought.

Hermione: The longest we have gone without spanking is 18 months. We adopted a rescue dog who hadn't been crated in years and objected to being incarcerated while we were still obviously in the house and he was missing all the fun. He made such a fuss that we eliminated spanking from our bedroom activities until Ron got access to an apartment after a family member had vacated it. We enjoyed spanking for three Sundays in a row, and realized how much we had missed it, then resolved to either put up with the dog's fuss or rent a motel room. By then the dog was used to being crated and didn't make a peep.

Thank you all for participating, Next week we'll discuss Amy's dilemma.
From Hermione's Heart

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Terpsichore said...

late to the party...6 months and counting for me :-( hopefully the drought ends soon... of course before I shared my secret spanking desires I went many, many years without a spanking so I guess this could be considered an improvement. :-) Hugs