Monday, August 15, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 14

Should spanking be considered a fetish? This is what you thought.

Six of the best: Yes, I believe that being a 'spanko', one fantasizes 99% of the time on that most beautiful part of the body called in various ways, 'bottom, behind, rear end, etc'. And you wish to honor it, by spanking it.

lurvspanking: Spanking is most definitely not a fetish in the manner of the definition and is not abnormal. I think not being interesting in spanking is more of fetish since someone has to be fixated on not spanking a bottom. If that makes any sense. :)

Downunder Don: Not in the strict sense of the definition. Most spankos do not need (as described in the definition) the spanking act to fulfill any sexual gratification; it just makes everything better.

Minelle: I do not think it is always a Fetish. For some it may be needed to complete their sexual needs. For others it is needed in one form or another to complete their sense of SELF. i.e. giving, receiving, reading or writing about, drawing, visualizing, fantasizing, etc.

Michael M: Nope - not a fetish. It's a psychophysiological aphrodisiac or maybe a fixation. Whatever it is it's fun.

Dr. Ken: Trying to define something is a great way to make it lose its appeal. Spanking is a consensual fun activity between adults--let's just leave it at that!

Simon: Whilst it may not fit the specific definition of a fetish I think it is definitely one. Certainly for me as I find spanking or being spanked sexually gratifying whether used as a means to an end i.e. sex or in its own right. If you don't define it as a fetish you are left with the word perversion which is a much more judgemental word and carries negative overtones.

Leigh: I don't this it's any more of a fetish than cunnilingus or fellatio. It's something that is pleasing to some and not to others - that doesn't make it a fetish.

Bonnie: If we follow the definition above, spanking is not an "object or item of clothing or part of the body." Our spankings are not a prerequisite for sexual gratification, but rather another form of sex.

As for the possibility that spankings might "interfere with complete sexual expression," that certainly hasn't been true for Randy and me. We have explored corners of our sexuality that we didn't even realize might be of interest to us.

And if we're "abnormal," so be it. I am convinced that our lives would be a lot less enjoyable if he didn't spank me.

My answer is no.

kdpierre: "Is spanking a fetish?" For whom? I'm sure it is for some. For others it is merely spice. To others still, it satisfies a deep desire but is not essential for gratification but is perhaps essential to emotional balance. For the rest, it's a quirk other people have, and something to snicker about.

The word "fetish" is misused often. While the definition you listed is accurate, "through common usage" 'fetish' has come to mean a preference. (e.g. a person who likes feet .....though doesn't necessarily NEED feet for full sexual fulfillment is still said to have a 'foot fetish'. This misuse happens all of the time.

Anon: No, spanking is a consensual happening between two adults to enhance their sex lives. The only fetish element is that curvaceous bottom, which thankfully our ladies have been endowed with, and just begs to be spanked.

Blondie: On FetLife, it is categorized as a fetish. I guess it is except there are spankee people who can also get off without a spanking. I like the term, but I also know that I can get off just with vanilla love making. I just prefer spankings.

Ronnie: I think some would class it as a fetish but It's not in the manner of the definition and most spankos do not need spanking for sexual gratification. So for me spanking it not a fetish.

Hermione: This really is a matter of examining all the words in the definition which, as Dr. Ken said, spoils the fun of spanking. Spanking is not strictly a fetish since it isn't an object or body part. A person might have a bum fetish without the slightest desire to spank it. Nor do I think that having a fixation necessarily interferes with sexual fulfilment.

Having said that, I do think that for me, spanking is a fetish. The only way I achieve sexual gratification is by fantasizing about spanking and replaying spanking scenes in my mind. Even during vanilla sex, those videos need to be played and replayed in my mind, or else nothing happens. The physical act of being spanked arouses me, and is an excellent form of foreplay.

Well, that was an interesting discussion! Thank you all for expressing your opinions.
From Hermione's Heart


Blondie said...

Great question. Loved all the different answers

Anonymous said...

Shawn, spanking was my deepest kept desire, not a fetish, a need, a want, but only when the right woman came along. I dreamed of being spanked, but in the real world I found it hard to achieve. It was an older lady, dating, six months or so, I came out with it. She smiled, said nothing to be ashamed of, she gave me my first adult spanking. It was through her I met my wife and from day one spankings have been a part of our marriage.