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From the Top Shelf - A Master of Discipline, part 4

Today we will enjoy the fourth installment of Zoe Templeton's A Master of Discipline. Last week, Ruth was promised a good caning for various traffic violations. Will she get her comeuppance? Let's find out.

"Tony," she muttered hoarsely, "you-you wouldn't really take a cane to my bottom...would you?"

As she posed the question, Ruth suddenly had a vision of Nicky Shaw's plump bare cheeks squirming and quivering under the lash of the cane and the image prompted a rush of moisture into her panties. She made a mental note to smuggle a cane out of school at the earliest opportunity. She could hide it under the bed as surprise for Tony the next time - and she was sure there would be a next time. The thought that it might soon be her own bottom which looked like a five barred gate caused the messaging system between her head and her loins to go into overload, and she could barely sit still as her body reacted to the instructions received.

"I won't cane you tonight, no. For one thing we don't have a suitable weapon to hand, but that can be changed in the future, my girl. For tonight I suppose I will just have to put up with gaining a sore hand."

"Never mind your sore hand! Why the hell should I put up with that sort of treatment anyway?" She was playing for time, provoking him.

"Being sorry didn't last very long, did it! Would you just rather I turned those pictures in to the traffic desk in the morning?"

"Oh no, don't do that. Only please, it's my first time. Please don't hurt me." She looked at him in what she hoped was a winsome and appealing way.

Tony grinned at her. "We'll see about that. I'll have to make a judgment on just what is appropriate as we go along won' t I!"

"Oh, you swine, you're teasing me now. When are you going to do this? How do you want me?" She almost bit her tongue, suddenly afraid that her apparent eagerness might give the game away.

"No time like the present. Just here. Across my knee will be just fine."

Ruth had no time to react as she felt herself being pulled towards him. Tony was far too strong to resist and in a matter of seconds she was prone across his lap, studying the pattern of the carpet. The deep slit at the side of her dress made it easy for him to push the light cotton material out of the way, as she had known it would when she had planned the scene under the invigorating jets of the shower an hour or two earlier.

Tony lifted one knee a little and, as Ruth felt herself tip forward, she thrust out her arms in front of her to prevent herself landing nose first on the floor. She need not have bothered. Tony was restraining her with one hand firmly in the small of her back. Just as this registered in her mind, his other hand landed on her bottom.

It was like being hit by an express train. How could a man's hand be that hard? The quick slaps he had dealt her before the meal were nothing compared with what she now felt. Firstly, the shock of the impact jarred her whole body, driving the breath from her lungs. Then the heat arrived. It was as if her bottom had been branded with a red-hot flatiron. Ruth flung back her right arm to protect herself. Big mistake. Tony simply grabbed her wrist and tucked it firmly under his left hand, which was holding her down. Then he continued the spanking. Ruth never knew how many smacks rained down on her frilly panties because, after the first one, her brain was totally absorbed in responding to the abuse being meted out to her posterior. She was far too busy wriggling and trying to escape and crying and pleading, begging for mercy.

When the blows stopped, Ruth felt the weight of his other hand come off her back and her wrist was released. She lay across Tony's lap for several seconds while the breath slowly returned to her lungs, her right hand travelling automatically to her rear to massage her smarting cheeks. She felt as if a stack of hot coals was resting on her bottom, which seemed to be swelling to twice its normal size.

"Ooooo owww, you beast, that hurt."

"Of course it did. It was a well-deserved spanking and they are meant to hurt. What's more, it's going to get worse before it gets better."

Ruth looked back at him over her shoulder.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh we haven't finished yet, not by any means. It's just that you are a big girl to put across my knee and I can't get a big enough swing, so I've thought of a better way."

She could hardly tell him that his swing felt just fine, thank you very much. The fire was spreading right through her body now. She knew that her nipples were erect, and her boobs felt ready to burst from the constraint of her carefully chosen bra as she dangled across his lap. Certain other parts of her were also beginning to feel ready for action, pressed closely against the hard warmth of his thighs. Through the intensity of her own feelings, Ruth noticed that Tony's body was also becoming aroused, if the rising pressure against her belly as she straddled his legs was anything to go by.

"Stand up and face the wall!" The instruction was stern and she didn't argue. "Don't turn around until I tell you." Ruth didn't want to turn round, she just wanted to massage her poor smarting posterior. "Hands on your head!" He was being deliberately cruel, but she obeyed without protest. Her bottom was stinging too much for a simple rub anyway.

"What you have just received was only the first stage. We'll be generous and call it a trade-off for the speeding photographs. You still have the careless driving this morning to account for, and then, worst of all, trying to cover it up and bribe me."

As Tony reeled off her crime sheet, she could hear the sounds of furniture being shifted, but did not look round for fear of incurring his wrath even more. Then his hands were at the collar of her dress.

The high collar defeated him for a moment or two until he mastered the little hook which secured the top of the material and slid the zip slowly down the length of her spine, right down to her waist. The pressure of the fastener as it slid slowly down her back made Ruth shiver, but she kept her hands on her head as she'd been ordered. The dress was wide open at the back now, and he took hold of her arms at the elbow and lowered them gently to enable him to ease the dress off her shoulders and down her arms. As soon as the arm holes fell clear of Ruth's wrists and hands, he grasped her elbows with a gentle upward pressure.

"Hands back on your head, young lady!"

Dumbly, she complied. She knew that matters were out of her hands now; she was in his power, exactly as she had wanted to be for so long. The dress, with nothing to support it, fell away and dropped to the floor. Tony stood back for a moment and Ruth knew he was watching her. She was no prude and well used to appearing before him with no clothes on during their lovemaking, but this was somehow different. She guessed that he might be examining her bottom for signs of redness visible under the frills of her panties, but no word was spoken.

Suddenly, his arms were round her from behind, cupping her breasts. The half-cup bra was designed more for show than support and, with a dextrous flick of his thumbs, Tony swiftly scooped it upward. He grabbed a nipple between the thumb and fore-finger of each hand.

"Turn around!" As Ruth obeyed, Tony moved with her, but remained behind her. She saw the results of his efforts in moving the furniture, which had so puzzled her as she faced the wall. He had first cleared a space in the centre of the room by moving all the smaller items to the side. The small, two-seat, couch, which usually lay at the back of the room, had been pulled forward into the centre space.

The grip on her nipples was firm but not painfully so, until she felt the tension increase and realised that he was using her breasts almost as a rider uses reins to guide a horse, as he eased her towards the couch.

"Right. I want you to kneel now, over the couch, and put your arms out in front of you."

"Oh, Tony, please, do I have to? I won't be naughty again again, I promise."

Ruth's protest was merely a token gesture. She would have been disappointed if the response had been anything less than the tweak to her left nipple and the slap on her bottom which followed.

"Ouch, you nasty man, you'll pull it clean off if you're not careful."

Ruth knelt down before the couch and extended her body across it as she had been told. Tony straddled her and pulled the dangling bra off her shoulders. He extended her arms to full stretch and then bound Ruth's wrists together with her bra. "Now then, young lady. Time for some serious punishment," he said, sliding her moist panties down her legs. Ruth lifted her knees, one at a time, to allow the slip of lace to join her dress on the floor beside the couch.

"Up you come." His strong hands grasped her hips and hoisted her further across the couch, with her legs out straight behind her, so that her pubic mound was firmly supported by the padded arm and her bottom was the highest point of her body. The flimsy garment binding her wrists would not have been sufficient to prevent a determined escape attempt, but Ruth found the constraint more psychological than physical and she slumped across the couch in an attitude of supplication. Ruth felt her partner shift his position to kneel at her left side, but did not look at him, allowing her head to drop between her extended arms and turn away from him. Again the familiar feel of his left hand, heavy in the centre of her back, holding her down.

"Now then, young lady. Let this be a lesson you won't forget in a hurry!" The sound of his hand on her bare bottom was quite different to that made when he had been smacking her panties. The sensation was different too, distinctly sharper, more intimate. And it hurt - a sharp, stinging pain that made her eyes water. Ruth took the first half-dozen in comparative silence, only letting out little squeals and yelps as her body bucked and shuddered under the spanks. Then she began to cry, softly at first, but soon louder and more urgently.

Tony was implacable. He worked carefully over her bottom, starting at the upper curves on one side, then moving across and down, following no sequence whereby she could anticipate where the next blow would fall. All the while he lectured her. "You will not drive at high speed! You will observe the law! You will take care because I love you - but if you don't do as I say then this is what you will get!" Ruth knew that her bottom was jumping and jiggling with each new impact.

He paused for a moment to catch his breath and the throbbing, roasting, penetrating heat permeated every fibre in Ruth's body. The heat must have been affecting Tony also, because he pulled off his shirt and tossed it onto the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Dimly, she felt his right hand slip between her legs, just above the knees. She responded to the pressure and allowed him to spread her legs till they splayed wide apart, knowing that this was exposing her most intimate parts to him. Her clit felt hard as it ground into the arm of the couch , and she knew that her pussy was dripping. She ached for him to put it inside her. Surely he must now?

"Now that was for the careless driving. This is for trying to bribe me."

The spanking began again, up the inside of Ruth's thighs, from just above the knee and rising towards the dark V between her thighs. The softer, more tender, flesh of her thighs stung with an intensity even worse than she had experienced so far and she howled without inhibition. he finished with two resounding whacks right into her crease, just at the base of each buttock, then he leant back, massaging his reddened hand. Ruth was quite unaware of this, lying slumped over the arm of the couch, wracked with sobs. She was also unaware of the pile of clothes growing as Tony cast first his trousers then his boxer shorts to the floor.

Kneeling behind her, between her still parted legs, Tony reached forward and slipped his arms under hers, lifting her by the shoulders into an upright position. He bent his head towards hers and kissed her neck. The tears were still coursing down her face and he must have tasted the salty fluid as he whispered in her ear, "I think that will be enough to remember for a little while, don't you?"

His hands were cupping her breasts again and, as the hairs on his bare chest tickled her back, Ruth gathered her senses sufficiently to appreciate that he was naked. She arched her back and reached over her head, her arms still pinioned at the wrists by the discarded bra. She managed to loop her arms round his neck in a mock wrestler's grip and, through her uncontrollable sobs, whispered, "Now I know what they say about police brutality is true. Is that a truncheon you are poking into my poor bottom?" Ruth found herself being forced forward over the couch again, and gasped as his engorged member found her entrance.

Tony's blood was up and he wasted no time in preliminaries. He thrust hard into her, and Ruth screamed as his wiry pubic hairs made contact with her tender buttocks. She and Tony had always been vigorous in their love-making, but she had never known him to be so demanding.

Their first coupling was brief, savage and bruising, leaving her breathless but wanting more. She was not disappointed. In a matter of minutes, he had gathered his strength, picked her up from the floor and, cradling her like a baby, carried her upstairs to the bedroom.

Ruth found herself being lowered gently onto the bed. She struggled to sit up but he gently forced her back. She watched as he clambered up beside her, a tiger growl of pleasure forming in the back of his throat as she saw that he was still very rampant indeed. He manoeuvered himself between her legs and put his arms under her knees. It was her favourite position and she liked to watch down between the valley of her breasts as he lifted her legs and hooked them over his shoulders. Ruth knew what to expect, but was, nonetheless, grateful when her bottom, throbbing and pulsing from the hard tanning it had received, was lifted off the soft quilt. Her knees, spread wide, were being forced down towards her chest. She craned her neck and watched for as long as she could hold the position as his rigid penis advanced towards her wet pussy. She was not quite good enough a contortionist to see the actual moment of penetration, and collapsed back on the pillow, allowing him to force her knees almost down onto her breasts as he sought to enter her ever more deeply. He only relented when he was buried in her up to his balls.

Their loving was more leisurely this time, the urgency of their coupling spread-eagled over the couch was gone. Tony was more considerate, after the initial penetration, allowing her to lower her legs to a more relaxed position a she began a seasoned, rhythmic pumping. After Ruth had at last shuddered to a mind-blowing climax, milking his penis dry in an ecstatic, threshing spasm of vaginal muscles, he collapsed alongside her and, within minutes, they were both sound asleep.

* * *

Ruth woke first. She could tell from the grey light that it was still quite early, and, as she rolled over, saw from the digital alarm clock that it was only ten past six. She groaned softly to herself. As consciousness slowly returned, so did the aches. Her bottom and legs still throbbed with a dull, penetrating sort of pain, and her pussy felt as if an express train had been through it.

As soon as she had attended to the pressing demands of her bladder, Ruth stepped into the shower, turned the water on until it was as hot as she could bear, and began a long, thorough, soaping. She had been letting her mind wander aimlessly for several minutes, revelling in the feel of the warm lather enveloping her entire body, soothing away the aches, when Tony's hand on her shoulder startled her and she almost lost her footing on the slippery shower tray.

"Oh! You made me jump!"

"Sorry, love. I thought you'd heard me when I flushed the loo." He stepped into the shower with her. "Room for one more inside?"

Ruth had no choice but to shuffle up nearer the wall. The powerful spray splashed across her face, blinding her until she reached up to adjust it. Taking full advantage of her raised arm, Tony grasped one of her breasts with both hands and began to suck on the nipple. Ruth tried to back away even further but was already up against the wall. As he raised his head and smiled at her, she saw that no matter how much her mind was telling her that she'd had enough, her body knew different. His ministrations had left her nipple erect and jutting from her dark areola, and her groin was already starting to send little electric shocks to every nerve ending in her body.

Gently he turned her round and began to massage her back. "I'm afraid I marked your rear more than somewhat, last night." The massage moved downwards, his hands surprisingly soft and gentle as they spread the soap over the curves of her bottom.

"It doesn't matter. No one else is going to see it."

"I should hope not!" He grinned. His hands were moving forward now tracing the lines of her hip bones. "But does it still hurt?"

"Let's just say that I shall remember my driving faults each time I sit down in school today." She giggled. "I hope my class don't notice if I wriggle about a bit in my chair. I can hardly take an extra cushion in - then they would think there was something strange."

"We'd better give you something else to think about during the day then."

His hands were flat across her belly now, probing downward. As the tips of his fingers found the dark tuft of hair, then her sex-lips, and gently prised apart the entry to her secret spot, she felt the warm blunt tip of his penis rising behind her. For one delicious, yet frightening, moment, she thought that he was going to put it into her back passage. She pressed herself against the wall, cringing, flattening her breasts against the cold tiles. She was still a virgin back there and wanted to remain so.

His fingers continued their investigation, but although his shaft, growing harder and extending by the second, remained firmly lodged against the crack of her bottom, he made no attempt to force an entry there. As one finger found the hard nugget of her clitoris and began a gentle rotary motion, two fingers from his other hand gently entered her, lubricated by a combination of her own juices and the soapy lather.

They remained in that position for several minutes, until Ruth could withstand the urgent demands of the clitoral massage no longer. Her hips began to gyrate wildly and she twisted herself to face him, his fingers pulling out of her with a soapy 'plop' as she did so. Tony was taken by surprise and kept his footing only with difficulty as Ruth flung both arms around his neck, lifted her feet off the floor and locked her ankles together behind his back. His erect penis buried itself deeply inside her pussy as her thighs clamped round his hips.

"Fuck me! Oh God, harder, harder. Oh you gorgeous bastard, do it to me, fuck me hard!" Ruth screamed in his ear, using every ounce of concentration and muscular control she possessed to clamp herself ever tighter on the thick shaft on which she had so willingly impaled herself.
No caning, then, but Ruth isn't complaining, and neither am I.
From Hermione's Heart


Cat said...

Surprised me a bit with this chapter, Hermione. When he put her against the wall and rearranged the furniture I thought he would also find a weapon of m'ass destruction to save his hand. I have a funny feeling that her 'bright' idea of sneaking a cane out to bring home is going to earn her a caning from Fullerton. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Roz said...

Hi Hermione, wow, this is one hot chapter! Am enjoying this story and also wonder if Cat may be right.


ronnie said...

I agree with Roz, a hot chapter. I wonder if she will sneak a cane out now. Thanks for sharing Hermione.


Enzo said...

I also wasn't expecting the direction this chapter went. I was thinking he was going to have a surprise cane. Good read, Thanks again Hermione.


Hermione said...

Cat - I agree with you. I was sure he would use his belt.

Roz - Hot indeed!

Ronnie - I'll bet she will, and it won't end well for her.

Enzo - This is a very clever story. I am so glad you are enjoying it.