Sunday, January 8, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #158

Welcome to our weekend spanko brunch. Take off your coat and find a comfy seat because you're just in time for this week's discussion. Our topic was suggested last week by Downunder Don, and I think it's a good one.

In your relationship how does the spankee request a spanking? Does asking occur often, seldom or never?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to join in the conversation.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Hello Hermione - Happy New Year. In our relationship I can and will ask for a spanking. Sometimes I will feel that I need one as a sort of reset so I will tell my Sir, submissively of course, that I think I am in need. Sometimes he will know from my actions. Lying naked on my stomach with my bum slightly raised can usually arouse the desired outcome. Most times is it Sir who decides where and when though. We use spanking mostly for erotic pleasure or to reset or reinforce our D/s dynamic and mindsets. Thanks, missy

abby said...

I have occasinally asked, I get spanked regularly, so it does not happen often. My requests has so far always been granted..sometimes with more of a spanking than I was looking for...but that is always His choice. hugs abby

Roz said...

I have asked on occasion but mostly it's through actions. A little naughtiest or sassiness can go a long way :)


WendelJones said...

I think the misses has only asked once for a spanking. Usually she will act up in ways that will make me want to spank her.

Anonymous said...

As I get spanked about 3 times a week and if I'm lucky 4. All usually of the erotic play type. If I'm upset or stressed about something I'll ask for a spanking and it will usually happen within 10 minutes and she knows when I ask I need a hard spanking and it's always delivered.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

After 20 years, we finally figured out that openly asking for what we want works best for us. She may also get a little sassy or put on particular panties to serve notice that she needs attention. But more of the time, it's Meet me in the bedroom with my paddle.

If the spanking is not working out for her for any reason, we are both comfortable with stopping it.

Spankings are always given with mutual consent.

Anonymous said...

As a male deeply into spankings, my wife accepts and understands. Most of the time I need not ask, she comes up with a reason. Other times I provoke her, walk into the kitchen naked, erect, (rule one she said never come to kitchen naked) works every time, make a rude comment in front of one of her friends, there are ways. My bottom is hurting I admit, but my desire out weights the pain.

Baxter said...

My wife typically spanks me on the weekends typically as a lead up to sex. However, I have asked for spankings on a regular basis. The other night we went into the lower back bedroom and I handed her the paddle and bent over the bed. She said it is too early for the 'weigh in' spanking(we both need to lose weight and I get spanked for the total number of pounds we need to lose). I responded by saying this is a random spanking and she said OK and got into position and let that paddle do its work. She is very happy to meet my spanking needs and for that, I am a happy guy. I remember once a few years ago we were sitting at the table in the kitchen and I looked at her and said 'would you give me a spanking?' She said yes, without hesitation, and gave me a very warm sore bottom. I guess if you have good communications between both, you love each other, you have a good relationship, you can ask for things like this and the other person is there for you. It works for us.

Anonymous said...

I always have to ask for my spankings and after 8 years I still find it awkward to talk about the subject so sometimes I can go for a while without one. Although, living with family makes it hard as well so most times these days the OTK ever ready rattan cane is the only implement we can use with virtually no noise.

Not to mention that sometimes my dear wife is sometimes thinking about my needs and will suggest making use of the rare alone time we can get (no one else in the house) like she did a few weeks ago, even though she hates doing it. I really love that woman.


ronnie said...

A little naughtiness helps. Putting on a particular pair of knickers is a sign I need a spanking. Sometimes I'll leave an implement out on the bed and sometimes I'll just ask for one.