Saturday, January 21, 2017

You Completed the Caption

What fantasies did this photo inspire? Read on:

Baxter: Master told me to not play with this, that it is for men only, and that if I did play with it, he would spank me. Well, I am going play with this and get higher than a kite. I hope he catches me and spanks my cute bare bottom. High with a sore bottom, such nirvana.

kdpierre: "Hmmmm, I've had hash brownies, but never a hashish enema before. Oh well, life is all about trying new things..."

Hobbes: Hmmm...if I disconnect it, cut the rubber hose down to about eighteen inches and leave it on the end of the bed he ought to get the idea...

Hands63: Maybe if I rub my bottom against this thing a genie will appear and grant me three spankings.

amber: Yes, housewives. For a limited time only you can get this "personal massager" disguised as an opium water pipe.
Far better to be thought of as an opium addict than a harlot that masturbates!

Leigh: It almost looks like a hooka so who knows, maybe she's getting 'high'.

ricky: Ah, the dentist's assistant, checking out the gas before the drilling.
Now, if I'd know'd that before, I'd still have my two fwont tweethh.

Joe: I think I am too much of a gentleman to offer a solution to this very intriging question!, I really cannot!

Ronnie: He wants me to do what with it?

js666: If her mama caught her enjoying the hookah, she'd be smoking all right. From the other end.

Sir Wendel: Smoke and get a spanking? How about just giving me the spanking?

Hermione: The early electrolysis prototype required noxious gasses to power it, so it was not a success..

Thank you everyone. Those had me in stitches! Please stay for brunch. This week we have a special topic to explore, and you're all invited.
From Hermione's Heart

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