Monday, January 23, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 22

Have you ever achieved an orgasm while being spanked?

abby: Yes I have...but it is not a regular thing. The spanking has to to be build up, usually starting with his hand, then moving on to leather or a small paddle. The sound of his voice, his words all help to get me over that edge.

kdpierre: I have had them but rarely..........and they are the weirdest things! When I was younger (20's) I used to sometimes do an OTK "lap-hump" poking myself between intentionally lubricated thighs.....but that was an orgasm WITH stimulation. Your question mentions something of a spontaneous orgasm just from the spanking itself, and that has happened to me a handful of times........and always at the most unexpected and even inopportune times.

I don't know exactly what causes them but there is a consistent pattern to how each of them happened. They ALL occurred during very long, almost marathon-like spankings during times when I had already been keep sexually denied for an unusually long period. My guess is that the sensation of the paddle landing caused enough vibration that coupled with the incessant clenching produced enough stimulation to my denied groin to cause an almost unavoidable ejaculation....(because at those times I had tried everything to stave off the unauthorized no avail). Only twice did I manage to feel one about to happen and tell Rosa so that she paused just enough for the sensation to subside. When she resumed the spankings, she managed each time to finish before I again approached a feeling of impending orgasm.

One embarrassing time, I had one while locked in a CB! I was mortified when I just squirted without being able to warn my spanker or control it.

Yorkie: Would love to but unfortunately, no. I have never had an orgasm during a spanking. I've had a marvellous one after plenty of times though...

Roz: Hi Hermione, alas no, I have never had an orgasm during a spanking. There have been times during a lighter spanking where I have started to build up to one but have never tipped over the edge.

Beth: When we began DD, my husband was at times aroused, but I let it go. Then a few months in he ejaculated while being spanked. We cured that. Since that day when he is to be disciplined, the first step is to stroke till he has ejaculation, then over my knee for the spanking. It works!

Bonnie: Not that I recall, at least not without some sort of contact.

Wilma: Yes, I have ONCE. I have to say that Barney was quite excited and tried for a long time afterward to repeat the 'formula'. As for myself, I was a tad embarrassed. I am unsure as to the whys of that, but I do have my theories. While Barney was riding the high that he was able to do that, outside of the immediate gratification that an orgasm brings it didn't do much else for me. We live (or attempt to LOL) a D/s lifestyle 24/7. For me, entering subspace has a far more lasting effect submissive wise than an orgasm does. That being said, having an orgasm after a reset or not having one after a punishment but him having one, is a great thing! lol

Leigh: Unfortunately, no, it has not happened to me.

Ronnie: Yes I have. A lot is down to state of mind at the time, words and circumstances i.e what's the spanking for. (I have a post touching on the subject here.)
Hermione: I have actually had spontaneous orgasms while asleep, and have awakened to the pleasure (no hands involved), so it might conceivably be possible, but it hasn't happened yet. I find spanking too distracting to think about having an orgasm. After the fact I am quite ready for one, but during, all I can think about is the pain.

Thank you all for your replies. Have a great week!
From Hermione's Heart

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amber said...

Spanking for my boyfriend and I is entirely erotic. We don't do the punishment thing unless it's some sort of role play fun, but really that's not punishment in the sense of the word. Sure I get spanked for being "naughty" at times, lots of times, but, that too, really isn't punishment.

Getting spanked is one of the most thrilling things we do. I can not remember a time that it has not resulted in nearly nuclear sex

and I have had many an orgasm over his lap.
And I don't mean from fingering or rubbing during, I mean from the sensations of the spanking alone especially if it has started out slow and "soft" and gradually increased speed and force.

It is just such a sensuous act. There are so many things that come into play to make it so arousing for me. I feel his masculinity, his strength, power, desire so greatly while over his lap, held close to his hard strong body. Feeling his own need beneath me, it is getting me hot just thinking and describing it.

Then there is the spanking itself. That immediate spark of pain that quickly turns to a heat that spreads thru the whole area that causes a delicious squirm and sting that has me yearning for more and more. It is like a circle of sensations that gradually intensifies as the spanking goes on.

Then there reaches the point where I am so turned on that I feel like I could go on forever yet I'm desperate for it to end so that my near insane lust can be satisfied. But, if he continues at this point, an orgasm is pretty much inevitable. The times it has reached that point has been when I am naked and he is clothed. He has been using leather usually a paddle. I have been squirming over an iron rod in his pants and I am literally dripping on his lap. The spanking has graduated to where it is pretty hard and fast and concentrated mostly on that low center part where the vibrations do the most and finally the wave crashes.

The orgasms that I have during spanking only seems to fuel the need more, throwing oil on the fire of lust. It doesn't happen every time of course, but when it does, the sex after is even more insanely hot.