Thursday, December 7, 2017

Complete the Caption

I found this cartoon recently and removed the text from the speech bubbles. I thought it would be fun for you to fill in the bubbles with your own take on the situation.

Leave your suggestion as a comment, and on Saturday I will inflate the bubbles and send them aloft!
From Hermione's Heart


Baxter said...

man: I love your bottom and it is showing a nice shade of red. this is hurting me more than you.
woman: cut the crap about hurting me more than you. I can't feel anything yet, so get busy buster. and by the way, however I feel once you are done, you will feel much more after your trip across my knee

Anonymous said...

Your Mother told me I needed to get to the bottom of your attitude. This is not the last spanking “Daddy” will be giving. Daddy please stop, I’ll be a good girl.

Unknown said...

Ken: "Why did you ever tell that Fairy to makes us real? Doll life was so easy. Now I have to get a job!"

Barbie: "I guess I watched 'Pinocchio' too many times. Ouch this hurts!"

Ken: "Well you wanted to be real! I'm going to spank that 'Made in Japan' right off your ass!"

Anonymous said...

He: Are you going to behave now?

She: Why would I do that? Clearly that last bit of mischief finally worked!


Anonymous said...

Mother's house or not, be loud all you want, your Mother will hear you. You will show your Mother your red bottom, rude to your Mother. Please honey no more, I''ll be good, I'll show her my bottom.

WendelJones said...

Man: This spanking is gonna hurt you more than it hurts.

Woman: “Ouch!” You “Ouch!” don’t “Ouch!” say. "Ouch!"

Sweetspot said...

He - You've had this coming for a long time!

She - How would you know, you're only here to repair the dish washer.
He - Betting an expert like me on the outcome of a basketball game was risky!

She - Maybe, but I won!

ronnie said...

The rules apply when I'm at home and at work!

Yes, Sir.

Cheated, as I saw a pic similar to this one with these words.