Monday, December 4, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 3

What is your reaction to seeing an unexpected spanking (or reference to one) on vanilla media?

Bonnie: When I am surprised by a spanking reference in the mainstream media, I typically go through three phases. First, I am pleased and thrilled that the world is taking note of our favorite kink.

Next, as soon as it's over, I begin to critique the portrayal of our pastime and our community. Do they depict sane characters experiencing realistic spankings and acting in a mutually respectful manner? (Hint: No, they don't).

Finally, I settle into a realistic recognition. It's not nearly as bad as some. Maybe additional exposure will open the door to future productions that are more accepting and honest. I know it will happen eventually and when it does, the delight I feel at first recognition will be fully justified.

Anon 1: Enjoy, try not to let on that I do. Some that I've seen are done really good, even to the point I tape them when seen in reruns and watch over and over.

Sir Wendel: The majority look so fake that I do not find them interesting. Considering what is in the shows today I would have expected to see better spankings. John Wayne spanking Maureen O’Hara in McLintock is still my favorite today. I could watch that over and over.

Fondles: I don't think I ever HAD a reaction in the days before kink. I was drawn to D/s and Ttwd more than to spanking so that wasn't on my radar. but now when I see it in mainstream tv or hear it on radio or whenever someone so much as MENTIONS it my nerve endings go all tingly and I'm super careful about not letting on that I'm an enthusiast.

Bogey: Our current reaction is ho-hum. Nothing like our reaction when we were young. We think mainstream is better than most spanking clips which are so lame.

Anon 2: I react more if the female is doing the spanking, this is rare in movies. Since males are the one spanking, it just depends on how it is presented. So must be thankful to your blog.

Leigh: Everything old is new again. Due to my age, I've seen it before and it is only coming back around. Doesn't quite titillate me as much as before.

Rosco: I definitely perk up when the topic comes up. Mostly I am more interested in women doing the spanking. I did enjoy the Weeds episode when the Mexican gangster spanked the lady and she inspected her bottom with a sense of eroticism. I am not a fan of John Wayne so the McLintock spanking does little even though the woman looks great in her vintage lingerie.

I'm old enough to fantasize about Gilligan's Island - Mary Ann spanking Ginger for flirting with Gilligan, then spanking Gilligan and Ginger watches.

Hermione: In the past I felt a frisson of delight, quickly followed by the hope that no one else noticed. Nowadays I have become pretty much more comfortable with any reference. First of all, I experience that pang of delight. Then I wonder how I might use the reference on my blog. If Ron is around, we exchange knowing glances and a smile, and perhaps a joke about it. the best part, and the biggest change, is having someone to share the moment with.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me this weekend. See you soon!
From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

Hermione, sorry couldn't make brunch yesterday.

Such a delight to hear when it's mentioned. I'm sure people around me must wonder why I'm grinning like a Cheshire cat. Same as you and Ron, we exchange a smile and the knowing glances. I love it.


Anonymous said...

Bonnie, I am with you. It's an initial thrill to see our kink being played out when we don't expect it. But once that's over, usually I'm critiquing technique, reactions, etc. I have seen many mainstream TV/movie spankings and only been impressed by a select few.

Of course, there are those who feel that way about what spanking video producers put out as well, so perhaps we're all jaded.