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From the Top Shelf - In a Mist, Chapter 13

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It was quite a day for tutor Mr.  Lennox. As you will recall, first he whipped Elizabeth severely on the beach, then he administered an over the knee spanking to Louisa. He is now having a hard time settling for the night. Can you blame him?
IN A MIST - Chapter 13 - In which Lennox is tempted almost beyond endurance

Lennox found it impossible to sleep that night. An unrelenting succession of disgustingly erotic images tormented his mind and his restless body grew hot and sticky with sweat. Once again he saw Elizabeth sprawled bottom-upwards across the slanting rock...her little swimsuit pants twisted around her ankles while he whipped her mercilessly on the behind with the springy ash-switch...her legs wide apart, the swollen lips of her cunt silently begging to receive the homage it deserved from his inordinately throbbing tool...Again he heard Louisa's terrified screams as he pulled her down over his lap and slowly began to divest her of her knickers...Once more he gazed upon the over-ripe vulgarity of her wobbling arse-cheeks...

Finally he sank into a shallow listless sleep - only to be awakened at some god-forsaken hour by muffled footsteps entering his room and approaching his bed. He heard the eerie sound of someone sighing, as if in a troubled dream.

For a wild moment of panic he thought it was a ghost - but then he saw that his door was ajar and the landing light was switched on. Ghosts don't leave doors open and lights on, he told himself manfully.

Then, as his eyes grew accustomed to the dark he was able to discern a small figure standing nervously beside his bed. Elizabeth, vulnerably girlish in her skimpy pink gingham pyjamas.

"What nonsense is this?" he groaned. "Get back to bed at once, young lady!"

"I can't sleep!" she pouted sulkily. "My bottom's too sore!"

"Why don't you try lying on your tummy then?" he retorted unhelpfully, angry that his sleep had been shattered and that he'd been precipitated into yet another fiendishly delicate situation involving Elizabeth. If anyone were to catch her here in his room in the middle of the night, there'd be the very devil to pay!

"I've tried lying on my tummy, but it doesn't stop my bottom from throbbing one little bit. I've tried absolutely everything!" she sighed tragically, then, clearing her throat, went on, "Er, I wonder, sir, please would you be kind enough to rub some of this into it?"

She leant forward and switched on the bedside lamp. Lennox blinked for a second, then saw that she held in her hand a jar of Pond's cold cream.

"Elizabeth! I can't possibly do such a thing!" he protested vigorously, shocked beyond words. "What if someone should come in and see me doing it?"

She clucked her tongue impatiently. "Don't be silly, no one will know. It's half-past two in the morning - everyone's fast asleep and snoring!" Her voice suddenly dropped to a supplicating whisper that Lennox found impossible to resist. "Please, oh p-l-e-a-s-e rub some cream into my sore bottie! I promise I'll be good and not make a sound - oh please, Mr. Lennox!"

Before he could prevent her, she turned and ran on tiptoe back to the open door, her dainty buttocks bouncing like two firm plump apples inside the tight seat of her pyjamas. She switched off the landing light and ever-so-gently closed his door.

"There, now no one will be any the wiser," she giggled. Her long fair hair looked newly washed. She had brushed it tirelessly into silky radiance. It framed her pretty face and fell smoothly around her slender shoulders.

"Elizabeth, I feel this is all a dreadful mistake -" he began, but she quickly bent across his bed and silenced him with a finger to his lips. He drank in the sleepy fragrance of her young body. Her shy eyes betrayed all the yearning eroticism of a young girl's dreams.

"No, Elizabeth. I shouldn't," he mumbled foolishly.

His heart thumped and his mouth went dry. His prick stiffened uncontrollably, tenting up the bedclothes.

"Oh very well then," he heard himself say. He no longer felt responsible for his actions. Another part of him had taken over and assumed sovereignty.

Grinning victoriously Elizabeth turned away and slowly pulled down her pyjama trousers, so that she presented her rear view to him and not her frontal parts. She was by now completely used to displaying her bottom to Lennox, and it no longer gave her any misgivings. If anything, in fact, she was developing into rather a show-off.

Lennox gave a gasp of horrified amazement when he saw the ravaged state of her behind. The dark weals stood out angry and proud above the smooth flesh like twists of tiny rope. In several places, notably where her buttock-cheeks plumped out most voluptuously, he could clearly see where the ash-switch had actually cut the skin.

Excited beyond measure, he reached out and delicately traced with his index finger the path of the largest weal, curling from the outer extremity of one cheek to the other, like a thin black cord.

"Oooh!" She grimaced and sucked in her breath. Even the slightest touch of his hand on her bottom caused her exquisite agony. He marvelled at her courage. The girl had guts all right!

He scrambled out of bed in his pyjamas and stood beside her, at a sufficient angle to conceal his aroused condition. He took the jar of cold cream from her hand and motioned her to lie down across the bed. She shook her head wilfully.

"Want to go across your knee. It'll feel nicer that way."

He simply hadn't the heart to refuse her - monstrously erect though he was. The demon in her had loosed a like demon in him. What if she did discover the stiffness of his prick? She'd have to learn all about men sooner or later - and hadn't he, after all, been hired to round out her education in every possible way?

He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the excited girl down across him, opening her legs wide enough with his hand to allow his prick room to stand rigidly to attention in between them - and hoping somewhat naively that she would somehow fail to notice its enormous presence. As ill-luck would have it, his prick stubbornly refused to stay inside his pyjamas, but poked up incriminatingly through the slit, pulsating like a time-bomb about to go off.

Elizabeth moaned as he commenced massaging her tender rear. Opening the jar he dipped two fingers inside it and began to anoint her quivering bottom cheeks with the cool, soothing balm.

He slowly worked his way inwards towards her cleft, rubbing the cream gently and diligently into the wealed, blistered skin.

"Oooh, that's heaven," she purred, wriggling in delight.

He worked slowly and methodically, over the entire area of each buttock in turn, marvelling at the springy elasticity of her flesh. It was indeed, he thought, a bottom worthy of a Renoir or a Botticelli. The sinister weals which he himself had planted there only seemed to emphasise even more the extraordinary beauty of Elizabeth's arse. Within days they would fade and disappear, and the skin once more return to its former unblemished glory. The thought brought him no end of pleasurable satisfaction. It was like an affirmation of life itself, a reason for living.

Before approaching her sex he first rubbed his fingers dry. He sensed from the delicious musky odour emanating from her cleft that she was aroused, but he wanted to prove it for himself by touch.

Yes! Ye gods, she was soaking! With a pounding heart he inserted first one, then another finger, into her slippery honey-pot and gently began to stir....

"Oh, what bliss!" she panted, as his fingers started to tease her erect distended clitty, lubricating it not with cold cream but with her own sexual secretions.

"Mr. Lennox," she panted, "I don't know quite what you're doing - but, whatever it is, it's so wonderful it makes me want to burst into flame! If this is what a whipping leads to -OOOOOOH!"

She stiffened and clamped her legs tightly around his busy darting fingers. She let out a shrill cry, which Lennox silenced by clapping his free hand over her mouth. She humped her naked body up and down on his lap and, in so doing, rubbed and chafed his rigid prick until he lost control of it, and it spurted and gushed its sticky come all over her bottom and thighs.

Pretending to her that it was nothing but an extra large dollop of cold cream, Lennox quickly rubbed his ample spend into the sore bruised flanks of his lovely pupil.

After a while she sighed drowsily and murmured: "Mr. Lennox, I did so love what you did to me - but what on earth was that strange big thing I felt poking up between my thighs?"

She spared him the excruciating embarrassment of having to make some reply by diving into his bed and pulling the covers up over her head.

"Elizabeth, you must return to your own room now - I insist!" he called out sharply. But there came no reply. She was already - or so it appeared - asleep.

Shrugging his shoulders fatalistically he clambered into bed beside her. Her remark - naive in its directness - about the size of his sexual organ completely unnerved him. Could it be she was not quite as innocent as he had fondly supposed?

I shall let her sleep for a few hours before returning her to her own room - then with any luck she will think she dreamed it all, he thought to himself, trying to be calm despite feeling sick with guilt at what had transpired between them.

She lay on her side with her back turned towards him, breathing slowly and regularly, now and again making soft mewing kittenish noises in her sleep.

He did his utmost to avoid further dangerous body contact with her. It was quite a spacious bed and, theoretically, there was no reason why their bodies should have to touch. Regrettably though it sagged somewhere in the middle, and Lennox found he had to cling tenaciously to his side of the mattress, as if he were lying on the steep slope of a hill. To add to his discomfiture, whenever Elizabeth stirred in her sleep she slipped perceptibly nearer towards him.

Soon he was both alarmed and excited to feel her bare bottom - for she had dispensed totally with her pyjama trousers - nudging him teasingly in his most sensitive area. He smelt the goodness of her hair, scattered in magnificent disarray across the pillow. He could taste the fresh sweet odour of her skin.

In the blameless oblivion of her sleep, she was curling her lithe body around the hard contours of his maleness.

His now flaccid penis gradually stirred and stiffened into life, butting affectionately against the soft warmth of her arse cheeks. Almost involuntarily he began pumping his loins to and fro, back and forth, slowly at first - then, as his excitement grew, with increasing urgent momentum and rapidity. He wrapped his arm around her waist to steady himself as he masturbated furiously.

Again his prick shuddered convulsively before discharging another hot, sticky tribute all over Elizabeth's bottom.

He sank back spent and exhausted into sleep - but woke an hour or so later to find himself once more erect. Yet again he was totally unable to resist such immense temptation and Elizabeth's pretty rear received a third effusion of Lennox's sperm that night.

So it continued until just before dawn when the frenzied tutor finally returned to his senses - appalled at the mindless desecration he had inflicted upon the back, buttocks and thighs of the innocently sleeping girl.

He roused her and, with great difficulty, put her pyjama trousers back on her. Then, with her arms locked firmly around his neck, he carried Elizabeth back to her room and deposited her in her bed. She showed great reluctance to let go of him and complained sleepily about the coldness of the unwarmed sheets.

At length he managed to prise her arms away from his neck. He tucked her well under the covers, then slunk back to his own bedroom, where he breathed a huge sigh of relief that his nocturnal depravities had gone undetected by the other occupants of the house.

He climbed wearily into bed and drifted back to sleep, refusing to dwell on the awful enormity of what he'd done.
What a naughty man!
From Hermione's Heart


Cat said...

Interesting chapter...she comes across as very manipulative and he comes across as a horny pushover. Looking forward to seeing where it goes next.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Roz said...

Oh my, naughty man indeed and I agree with Cat. Thank you for continuing this wonderful story Hermione.


Anonymous said...

Well, that was a surprise, I was expecting to read about Mr Lennox and his visit to give Diana a good spanking... Still he gave in too easily but then Elizabeth is such a beautiful girl and has such a delectable bottom who can blame him... What next I wander. Andrea x

Hermione said...

Cat - She is indeed manipulative, and not as innocent as she seems.

Roz - Quite interesting to see how the story unfolds.

Andrea - The Diana spanking happened behind closed doors at the end of the last chapter. This chapter seems to be another one of those inserted strictly for its erotic appeal.