Saturday, December 16, 2017

You Finished this Sentence

All I want for Christmas is...

Kingspan: two spanked cheeks.

Dave: ...for Santa to understand my request.

Leigh: empty cookie plate and milk glass.
KSPierre: ...a set of five blank coupons good for any sexy/kinky adventure I want during the year.

...a slightly more stable financial situation.

Rosco: see my wife in a pair of mistletoe panties.

Sir Wendel: my misses bare bottomed holding a new hair brush to spank her with and good health but mostly to spank my misses with a new hair brush.

Fondles: ...two days without anyone pissing anyone else off - on Christmas eve and Christmas day- when everyone comes together and traditionally at least 3 people lose their tempers!

Ronnie: ...a big win lottery ticket so I could make so many people happy with sharing the winnings.

Katie: ... A job for Rob! A nice little hot Hot HOT Christmas spanking from Rob, would be fun too!

Terpsichore: ...all my family and friends to enjoy good health and be joyful and if I happened to also receive enough money to feel financially burden free all the better and to top it off a good girl spanking would made it perfect! :-)...but I will settle for the first part and a cup of cocoa with whipped cream.

Anon: beautiful wife across my knee waiting for me to lower the sexy panties I gave her so I can spank her bare bottom with the new implement I know I'll be getting from her as a gift.

Yorkie: ...a proper beating from my best friend, lover and wife - she is something special indeed.
Hermione: ...a spanking for everyone who deserves one.
From Hermione's Heart

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