Saturday, December 30, 2017

You Completed the Caption

Leigh: I think she was naughty and she's getting a reminder about what's going to happen later.

Anon 1: She is saying, forgetting feeling, spank it or you're getting nothing later on.

Rosco: Nice bottom but naughty mouth. She’s made a New Year’s resolution to be more polite in 2018. To help her get off on the right foot, he’s promised to lift her dress at the stroke of midnight and to spank that pretty silver spangled bottom. Since the party guests have all experienced the unpleasant side of her wayward tongue, they’ll be offered the chance to swat her bottom a few times as well. The party will go on, but her panties won’t be returned. They’ll be hung on the chandelier as a reminder.

Anon 2: Man: Your bottom's still so hot from that spanking your husband gave you that I can feel the heat through your dress.
Woman: Which is why my New Year's resolution is to not sit down until my bottom cools off.
Man: Well, judging by the way you're behaving, that might be a long time.
Woman: Exactly.

Sir Wendel: Ring in the New Year the old fashioned way: A Spanking.

Ronnie:'s not going to spank itself.

Anon 3: Man: My New Year's resolution is to spank this fine bottom of yours next year whenever you give me a reason.
Woman: My resolution is to give you as many reasons as I can.

Woman: How would you like to count down to New Year's by smacking my bottom?
Man: How soon can I start?

Woman: I was hoping Santa would give me a spanking for Christmas, but I didn't get what I wanted. So now my New Year's resolution is to find myself bare bottom up over a nice gentleman's lap when the clock strikes 12. Think you can handle that?
Man: It would be my pleasure.

Anon 4: Spanking countdowns in every time zone? Please!

Baxter: Woman: Well, big boy, ya think you can handle this naughty bottom of mine?
Man: Honey, I have handled many a naughty bottom like yours
Woman: Well, then go ahead and give me a spanking and try to make me cry.
Man: Oh I will make you cry, all right.
Woman: If you do, then I will be yours forever. You just have to have the stamina to spank my bottom all the time.
Man: game on!

Dave: This lady is demonstrating the proper way to spank a man's hand, using only her bottom.

Simon: Why didn't you warn me that your dress was covered in superglue.

Hermione: Yes, I was very naughty and Santa didn't spank me. Will you do the honours?

You are all invited to a special year end spanko brunch. I'm setting the table now, and I'll be ready to entertain you in a few hours, so don't go too far.
From Hermione's Heart

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