Monday, December 11, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 10

How do you incorporate spanking into your holiday decorating?

Sir Wendel: We don’t really do anything related to spanking while decorating the tree. We do the occasional spanking under the mistletoe.
If I let my imagination run wild then the Misses would be wearing a sexy little elf outfit and I would be dressed as Santa. As she climbs the stepper to put on the star Santa would be admiring her little bottom. When she steps down Santa would notice that the star is crooked and orders up a spanking. Santa takes her across his knee and spanks her until her bottom is as red as his suit.

Arnie: Like so many domestic chores, spankings always are a result of my not taking the time to do things right. When it comes to trimming the tree it is a family treat. But hanging the lights on the tree has always been my job.
My wife wants the lights to be evenly placed on the tree. That takes a long time if it is to come out right. More than once Christmas I have rushed the job and more than once have had to start over with the hanging of the lights. When that occurs, after the adjustment to the lights as well as the family doing the fun part of the tree trimming, I have been spanked severely.

Ronnie: We don’t do anything related to spanking while decorating the tree. I  think me wearing a Mother Christmas outfit (which I have done before but  not decorating tree) being cheeky and provocative would get me spanked.

Hermione: We don't actually think of spanking while we are decorating, but I did come up with something we could try. In years gone by we had strings of incandescent bulbs to decorate the front window and the upright junipers on either side. All the lights would be working when we took the strings down, but the next year invariably many bulbs were burned out and needed to be replaced. A spanking for each bulb to be replaced might have been fun.

We have since switched to strings of LED lights that tend to last for years, but this year, after only two days, one of the strings malfunctioned and had to be replaced, much to Ron's annoyance. That was 35 bulbs, so maybe 35 swats are in order.

Thank you all for participating this week!
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

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