Monday, January 15, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 14

Do you have any spanking implements hanging on the wall in plain view?

Bogey: They are both vanilla and specially designed for spanking. Two hand-carved wooden spoons hang in our kitchen. Nothing odd about them at first glance, but if you examined them you would discover they are only slightly dished out, which makes for a fine spanking surface.

Peter: When I was a boy in summer camp i made a small cutting board. I painted, in the center of the board a large red tomato. When I married my mom gave the cutting board to my wife at a wedding shower. It hung in our kitchen for several years as decoration only.

A few years ago my wife Beth began using that board on me for discipline. She orders me to get it off the wall and after I have to return it to its hanging place.

Red: No. Family visit often, with grandchildren, so everything hidden, except for a short period when doing 12 spanks of Christmas game.

Sir Wendel: Growing up my mom kept a paddle in the pantry cupboard. She retrieved it more times than I remember. I keep one in our cupboard but unlike my mom I keep it surrounded by pot holders so it does not stand out too much. We also keep a paddle and a belt solely used for spanking on the back of our bedroom door.

Amy: Eric has a black weave belt hanging in our walk-in closet. He used to wear it every day but now leaves it there when he travels as a reminder. We also have a wooden cheese board on our kitchen counter that serves up a deliciously stingy bottom. ;)

Roz: Great question Hermione, no implements on display here.

Yorkie: Absolutely not. All my implements are hidden in my wardrobe.

Anon: My wife bought a "Board of Education" from a store, it hangs in the kitchen. It to most is a wall decoration, some humor. I don't know if any of her friends know, but it is not humor when I'm across her lap, bare bottom and feeling the sting of it.

Bonnie: We have a hook on the wall near our bed. Various spanking implements hang there from time to time including paddles, a crop, a cane, a body brush, and a bath brush. When Randy hangs an implement, it provides a reliable forecast of the future temperature of my bottom.

When family members or friends are expected, these toys go back into a closet or drawer.

Leigh: Not hanging and not that they get used much, but on my kitchen counter I have a crock that holds all sorts of wooden spoons, spatulas, several rubber type spatulas that were gifts from my beach sisters through the years - does that count? Oh, there is a bamboo back scratcher hanging behind the linen closet door too.

Fondles: Sadly, nothing hanging on the wall nor put in plain sight. all spanking tools are safely tucked away in a drawer by the bed.

KDPierre: Yes, we have a very large wooden spoon in plain view in our kitchen with my name on it. It hangs from a decorated plaque that says: "Rosa's Medicinal Spoon. Provides a big dose of an age old remedy proven to cure most domestic maladies. Those showing signs of ill-temper, irritability, or chronic lethargy, should be prepared to take their medicine!"

It is right by the entrance way to our dining room, so it's not at all difficult to notice. Anyone who has been in our home can easily see it, read it, and interpret its meaning however they like.

Ronnie: We having nothing spanking related hanging on the wall. At the moment, P has two canes on his side of the bed.

Hermione: We have a back scratcher hanging in the dining room, and it's never been near a back, only a backside. Then in the kitchen there is a heart-shaped wooden spoon and a flat wooden pizza cutter. Neither has been used for its intended vanilla purpose. Our real spanking toys are hanging up on a couple of racks, but they are in a room that can be closed off from prying eyes.

I would love to visit all your homes and check out the walls! Thanks for stopping by!
From Hermione's Heart


Katie said...

Happy New Year, to you and Ron, Hermione! :)

I enjoyed reading everyone's comments. Nothing is hanging around in clear sight, in our place. The spatula resides with its cooking friends in a kitchen drawer. The "cheeseboard" and others that Rob favours, are in his top dresser drawer. Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Anonymous said...

"I would love to visit all your homes and check out the walls!"

I think someone is asking for photos....!!!!!