Saturday, January 27, 2018

You finished this Sentence

I thought I was dreaming when...

iruser: ... the pretty lady smiled at me....yes me!

... the store clerk said come back at closing time. I can make you pretty.

... my girlfriend woke me up by whipping me.
Leigh: ... 45 took office, and I wish I was, but alas, it's all too true.

Anon: ... after our first argument my girlfriend admitted she'd been a real brat, handed me a hairbrush and asked me to spank her.

... the store clerk who showed me the paddle mentioned that she'd been quite naughty and asked if I'd like to try it out on her bottom before I purchased it.

Dave: ... you did that to me!

Amy: ... my first trip over Eric's knee made me feel happy, safe, and sexy even though it hurt like hell.

Ronnie: ... I woke up and wasn't in the house by the sea, I hadn't won the lottery.

Katie: ... I couldn't come up with a single thing to finish this sentence with!

Enzo: ... I found my kid's elementary teacher's single profile AND her listing receiving a spanking under her interests.

Sir Wendel: ... three hot Asian women in school girl outfits took turns spanking me in a classroom... damn, I was dreaming.

Hermione: ... Ron spanked me for the first time.
From Hermione's Heart

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