Monday, January 22, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 21

Does every spanko secretly wish to find out what it's like to be on the other end of the paddle? HEre's what you said:

Bernie: A bit of a switch. More bottom than top, but I do like to redden my wife's gorgeous bottom every once in a while.

Leigh: Nah, never think about it beyond a slap to my husband's bottom once in a while.

Downunder Don: I have give some thought to switching, but given herself's feelings I know it isn't going to happen.

abby: No, have never dreamed or thought, I wish I was the one holding the paddle...think M and I have each found our niche.

Dan: There are times that I think that I might be more naturally suited to being a "top," since in "real life" I am pretty Alpha. Yet, I have absolutely no desire at all to be the one holding the whip or paddle.

Bonnie: Nope. Our answers are unchanged. We've got this spanking thing figured out. No sense in messing it up now.

Roz: We have on the odd occasion switched during play, but it often ended with him taking charge again. I don't think we would ever seriously switch. We have found what works best for us.

KDPierre: I am pretty convinced that Kinsey was on the right track when he came up with his various scales. The scale concept can be applied to just about anything sexual, and I think the tendency towards dominance, submission, or some point in-between is also plottable and each person answering that question would find themselves somewhere on that scale.....even if it's the far extreme towards one or the other.

So do I think everyone has the tendency to switch somewhere in them? Absolutely not. It has been my experience that except for perhaps basic defining aspects of being a living human, there is nothing that applies to least not to the same degree.

Personally? If the scale was 1 = totally submissive and 10 = totally dominant, I'd probably be about a 3 or 4. I have switched and like doing so, but my preference is submission.

Great question. It really gets one thinking.

Amy: Eric and I have talked about it a couple of times and we always end up at the same place. In place, it's fun for me to get bossy for about five minutes but the bigger thrill is when he takes it back over. At the very beginning, I spanked him once with the cheese board because he wanted to know what it felt like to me and I wanted to know what it felt like for him. We both HATED it but discovered after experiencing the other's vantage point, we were much more confident in our own roles.

Fondles: Nah don't think I would ever want to be a Top. I've tried giving BIKSS a swat or two to his behind as we pass each other but the feeling is too strange. We've got a nice thing going with me on the bottom.

Sir Wendel: We have always enjoyed giving and receiving spankings.

Simon: It's odd but my feelings have changed as I have aged. When I was young (18-25) I was predominantly a spanker. Then my interests changed and for 30 years I was solely a bottom and I didn't ever spank anyone or indeed feel the need to. Then a few years ago I suddenly rediscovered my interest in spanking and these days I switch regularly although I still get punished more frequently than I punish. I am fortunate in that I know ladies who only punish and other ladies who both give and receive.

Wilma: If wanting to slap him upside the head at times can qualify as a switch. Other than that, NO interest here!

Anon: According to I am 100% switch.
It got it right.

Yorkie: Even though it is only me that is spanked, quite some time ago I actually spanked my wife.
She stipulated that I had to be stern with her, as if she was in trouble and take her by the hand, roughly put her over my lap and spank her. So I did. I gave her about 30 or 40 spanks, reasonably hard and she said "Ouch!" on the last one. "Ouch huh?" I said and she giggled nervously just before I proceeded to give her another round of swats harder than the first.

When I finished I ordered her to go and lie down on her tummy on our bed and as she walked away I noticed her delectable bottom had a perfect pink patch on each cheek.  I followed her in there a few minutes afterward and, well, let's say we had a good time. She says, now, that she doesn't remember it, but I do.

Today, there is no way she would let me do it but I remain hopeful.

Hermione: When I was a child, I played spanking games with my dolls and teddies, and I was a very strict parent or school teacher because, well, there wasn't any way for the toys o spank me. I had to do the honours and did so gladly. When my cousins and I played similar games, I was the one who spanked them, because I was the biggest.

But now, the thought of spanking someone else doesn't do a thing for me.  I have found my true submissive self, and am quite content to remain so. I would never want to spank Ron, even if he asked (which he never would).  I suppose I know what it's like to be on the giving end, from my childhood play, but I can't go back.

And there you have it!
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

I am commenting a little late. Mostly I am like Hermione - I thought about doing the spanking as well until I experienced my submissive side for real.

I can't even imagine spanking my wife - it just wouldn't be right. There are a few uppity women that I might be able to spank if the situation were right, but even then I am not sure. I'd rather watch my wife spank them.