Monday, January 8, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for January 7

How would you handle the aftermath of a spanking if you were staying at a nudist camp?

Arched one: Interesting question. We have never been to a nudist camp. I would go but Robyn would not agree to it. To marks spanking leaves, she has spanked me every place we go and if we did go and she spanked me I would let it show as I'm not ashamed of her spanking me, and again she probably would not spank there but wait until we got home as she wants it private.

Yorkie: The fantasy says show it off but the reality says stay home and don't go to a nudist holiday camp...

Sir Wendel: I agree with Yorkie. Parading around displaying my freshly spanked bottom sounds exciting but I would not actually do it.

Amy: Quite frankly, if we were bold enough to be walking around in a nudist camp, it would be nothing to have a mark, a red cheek, or a welt on display. At that point, why not?!

Ronnie: I can't see us ever holidaying at a nudist camp but if we did, I'd like to think that spanking continued and I was happy to display my spanked bottom but in reality, we would postpone spanking until we returned home.

Hermione: Since we would only be temporary guests and would never see any of the other campers again, I would brazen it out and explain exactly how the marks came about. Who knows? I might meet some fellow spankos that way.

Just kidding! I'd probably keep my back turned away from everyone, although that might be a problem in the buffet line :)

Well, that was fun! Please come back next week - if the roads are clear and travel is safe.
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