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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 1

Happy Easter and Happy Passover, everyone! Here are your thoughts on OTK spanking.

Anon 1: With Hubby sitting in a chair and me bending over one of his legs is a very vulnerable position. I received a memorable spanking with a garden stick back in our early dd days. But we have to use pillows because it puts too much pressure on my stomach. So, although I have wonderful (not wonderful at the time- hehe) memories of the beginning of my submission and his dominance, we don't use this position currently. Any suggests for adjustments would be appreciate as I think for the dom/sub, hoh/wife, that OTK is the most intimate and humbling position for me (and sexy).

DearHeart, I don't have a blog. I just read yours and others but have not commented on this stuff ever. I like that you have questions every Sunday. Please feel free to use my comments or part of it or none of it.

Anon 1, your comment is wonderful and I am printing it in its entirety. Please feel free to come back and comment anytime!

Simon: I enjoy it but I do find it uncomfortable. From speaking to the ladies I've been lucky enough to spank I think it's a fairly universal feeling. They and I prefer to go over a lap on a flat surface such as a sofa or a bed. There's less stress on the arms and stomach and it avoids the occasional dizziness that can result from the head being so low.

Amy: OTK?! That's our favorite. I feel safe and secure across Eric's lap and he has a lot of control over what he's doing. One way or another, I spend some time over his knee every time I get spanked.

The Glenmore: Irrespective of who is getting spanked the over the knee position is our favourite.

Ricky: Oh gosh, don't ask. Not because I know anymore than anyone else, but because I wish I did (blush). Not for us, to reason why....
Well, anyway.

Have a Happy and Joyous Easter, Hermione, to you and yours.

Wilma: Barney claims he can't strike hard enough OTK. ( It is sort of true). I don't miss it. I do like it when he holds me around the waist on occasion, but even that is short lived. He prefers to have my feet restrained so they don't get in the way, and wrestling with me during isn't something he's fond of. LOL. Actually I prefer restraints too as they are much more 'freeing' in the long run.

He has used OTK for interrogation, but spanking wasn't on the agenda.

Fondles: It's not a position we do a lot, most of the time we're side by side on the bed and he's on his side (bottom arm bent and supporting his head) while I'm face down with my head turned towards him so I'm facing his chest/neck if you can imagine that.

We also do get across his lap like an X - I'm across his hip more than his knee!

But on the occasion he's sitting up then he WILL motion for me to get over his knee. I enjoy them all!

Roz: I love otk, so much more intimate. Many spankings used to start in this position.

Wishing you and Ron Happy Easter. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)

Arched one: OTK is a very intimate position and just the other day Robyn had me in that position while she sat on the sofa. But for longer spanking she prefers me on the bed while she applies implements to my bottom.

And have a Happy Easter.

Joe: My wife Jackie states that an over the knee spanking is what naughty little boys get when they are naughty. So when I’m naughty I’m put over her knee and spanked. She will make me stand before her, lower my pants and underpants and scold me first, once the spanking is done I face the wall to display her work. I have been taken from the shower a few times, placed over her lap and my wet bottom feeling the sting of her hairbrush. Yes I do feel like a naughty little boy over her lap, she states I act as such, she also believes she has me restrained in this position that I cannot get away.

Anon 2: When dating my girlfriend now my wife told me that men are just little boys in adult bodies. Her mother taught her this and I asked her why she brought this up. She smiled and said my actions today reminded her, and I said what else did your mother teach you. Nothing more she said, we were at her apartment when this conversation took place. I then told her of my desires to be spanked, she said not a problem.

I stood up and said would you do it now and soon I was over her lap and learned from the start that an over the knee spanking hurt, she had me constrained and no matter how much I told her enough she did not stop. We are married, been for several years, still spanked over her lap, always on the bare bottom, always with a hairbrush, corner time, and I do the spanking dance after each spanking.

Anon 3: The idea is appealing but it doesn’t really work for us.

My wife Irene is the spanker and I’m twice her size. OTK sort of works with a hairbrush or wooden spoon. She can’t give me anything approaching a serious spanking with her hand.

Irene prefers a riding crop or a strap. I’m on all fours over pillows or lying down, and she’s taking a full swing. Often I’m tied down as well.

Baxter: My wife has tried several times to spank me over her knee but it doesn't work very well. Her spankings are much more effective with me bent over the bed or lying on top of pillows.

Ronnie: OTK is a favourite position and most spankings start off that way.

Bernie: Tried it 2 - 3 times, but it really didn't work. I'd have to be a whole lot shorter. Great in the imagination, but the reality is quite different.

abby: It is my favorite place to be, and almost all spankings start of that way.

Hermione: It is the position that pushes all the right buttons for me, whether in a photo, text, cartoon or video. In real life, not so much. It's rather uncomfortable to get into a true OTK position, and I find it hard to breathe. So we prefer other, less demanding positions.

Yorkie: OTK is the only position we do. Her sat on the bed, leaning against the headboard propped up by pillows. Both of us naked.

I am delighted that this topic was so popular, and that several new friends joined in the discussion. I am always looking for new topics, so if there is something you would like to discuss at brunch, please leave me a comment or send me an email.
From Hermione's Heart

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Anonymous said...

Do women enjoy having a husband or boyfriend who acts childish and giving a spanking.
Do men wish to be treated as a naughty little boys by their wives or girlfriends and is this common?
For one I do, cannot explain, enjoy strong minded women, and alot of times find ways to get a spanking over her lap. Scoldings and all that go with it, I might be odd, but this is how I feel. I have been spanked by older women, since I enjoyed dating them, my wife will not hesitate to give a spanking, they hurt, always bare, always hairbrush, and talk about a spanking dance, and facing the wall not able to rub, I accept this.