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You Completed the Caption

This is the original caption that came with the photo, and it has been around on Facebook for a while, although since I don't use FB I hadn't seen it. Now here are your captions:

KDPierre: Despite their good intentions, these protesters received a lot of criticism from people who thought such a ban was cruel and unfair to those who walked with a limp.

Joe: Hi, I first saw this photo a long time ago in a 'hardback' book, to do with the punishment of School Girls. The photo was, I believe, taken at a County Show in the south of England and the young ladies were protesting about frequent canings they received at their Private or Charity school, and some had been caned at 18/19 on the bare bottom! I am not sure of the Author.

Baxter: No to the cane, but turn the sign around and it says yes to the tawse. Sure. :)

Anon 1: Following their demonstration, the protestors were marched into the Headmaster's office where they were informed that the school administration was in agreement that the cane was an outdated form of punishment for young ladies. Then the Headmaster unveiled his new implement of choice, a large wooden paddle, which he then proceeded to apply to each girl's knicker-clad bottom. Afterward, the girls all agreed that their protest had not been in vain because even though six of the best with the paddle hurt terribly and left them unable to sit comfortably in class for several days, it was still better than the much hated cane.

Windy: I was just thinking I wouldn't want to be any of those girls because the would end up in very big trouble in one of Hermione's stories !! :)

Anon 2: Glenda and her husband, James, were sitting at the kitchen table when their granddaughter, Felicity, brought in a photo album she’d found and inquired if the girl on the right helping to hold the sign was her grandmother. An embarrassed Glenda acknowledged that yes, it was indeed her, and explained that when she was in school, it was common practice for the teachers and headmasters to punish girls by giving them strokes of the cane, and that she and her friends were protesting because they thought the practice was antiquated and that they were too old to be punished like naughty children.
When her granddaughter asked if the protest had worked, Glenda sighed and replied that it had not, that their fathers had put a quick stop to it and had hauled them all home where each girl received a good paddling, and that when they got back to school the headmaster had made it abundantly clear that he was not about to abandon the cane as his preferred method of punishing obstreperous young ladies. Felicity grimaced a bit and stated that she was glad her school had stopped using corporal punishment before she got there. She then said she knew Glenda and James were sweethearts at the time and asked what her grandfather thought about the protest. James started to answer but was interrupted by Glenda, who said he was very supportive of her efforts.
After Felicity left to join her friends for an outing to the mall, James inquired with a sly grin as to why Glenda hadn’t been truthful with Felicity. Glenda blushed and replied that Felicity certainly didn’t need to know about the fight they’d had because James had forbidden her to take part in the protest, and that in addition to the punishment she’d received from her father and the headmaster, he had followed through on his threat to give her a sound spanking. James laughed and said that although he certainly understood her point of view, that nevertheless, she had lied, and that obviously it had been far too long since he had held her accountable for such naughty behavior. James then pushed his chair back from the table and patted his lap. Glenda, her thoughts drifting back to the very first time James had beckoned her across his lap, inquired what would happen if she protested, to which James replied that any protest she might stage would be as effective now as it was when she was a schoolgirl.

Bernie: There seem to be six protesters. Did they each get one per protester?

Sir Wendel: Victory came just 2 days after the protest started. The Head Master got rid of the cane and replaced it with the belt which he promptly used the whip the protester's bare bottoms.

Anon 3: As the women of the “No To The Cane” protest gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of their demonstration they lamented the fact that until a few years ago, the day’s activities had ended with each woman receiving a sound spanking from her husband to mark the fact that this day was also the first time their boyfriends, now husbands, had spanked them. The boys had dragged them away minutes before headmaster got to the field and taken them to Frank’s basement because it was close by. The ungrateful girls had been such brats that the boys finally yanked them over their laps and spanked them. And to make sure the girls knew they were in this together, the girls were passed around and spanked by each boy, finally ending up back across their own boyfriend’s lap for a final flurry of swats.
the women sat whining about the lack of attention being paid to their bottoms, and other parts, Nadine suggested they re-stage their protest … with a slight twist. The next day they bought schoolgirl outfits and lingerie that matched what they had worn 40 years ago. They texted their husbands and told them to meet up after work, come to Frank’s house, and join them in the backyard. When the men arrived, they found the ladies dressed in their schoolgirl outfits and holding a sign that read, “Yes To The Hairbrush.” The husbands then led their wayward wives down to the basement, where a circle of folding chairs, a hairbrush on each, had been arranged. In no time, the men had draped their naughty schoolgirl-wives over their knees, and were raising their skirts and lowering their knickers, all the while admiring the voluptuous bottoms on display. The women set about wiggling and grinding their hips into their husbands’ laps in hope of arousing some hard evidence to confirm their plan was working. Their efforts were soon rewarded, and as their husbands patted their bottoms, the women twitched, moaned and fantasized about the pleasures awaiting her.
Their bliss was short-lived, and they were snapped back to reality when the first round of swats landed on their backsides, at which point their sultry squirming gave way to involuntary writhing, the warmth in their loins was overcome by the searing heat radiating from their rear ends, and their attention was refocused from the hardness beneath them to the hardness of the hairbrushes raining down on their upturned fannies. The women had not anticipated their husbands would be such energetic partners and were unprepared for the furious manner in which the hairbrushes were being applied to their vulnerable cheeks. It wasn’t long before they were kicking and squalling in pain.
They also hadn’t counted on their husbands re-enacting the entire spanking scene, so just when they thought their torment had ended, they were instructed to shift to the next husband in line. Once they’d made their way around the circle, they found themselves back across their husband’s lap for one final dose of the hairbrush, after which they were lined up against the wall so their husbands could admire their rosy rumps and enjoy a well-earned beer.
Standing in Nadine’s kitchen rubbing their still throbbing behinds the next morning, the satisfied wives agreed that their protest had succeeded, and that despite the fact that they wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably any time in the near future since their husbands had vowed to make up for lost spanking time, the had to admit that a sore bottom was a small price to pay for a happy husband and a stimulating marriage.

Hermione: Many men and women, who had obtained their lifelong interest in spanking by being caned at school, tried to reason with the protesters, who eventually saw reason and dispersed.
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