Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Latest Meme

I love this meme that Ronnie posted last week, so here goes:

Age?  Old enough to know better

Bed size?  King, with plenty of room for the dogs.

Chore you hate? Dusting

Pets' names?  Blue Bird, Green Bird, Big Fish, Little Fish, Little White Fish. One dog has the name of a character from Cheers, while the other does not.

Essential start to your day (items)? Rice Krispies, water and calcium tablet, then iPad for my favourite games.

Favourite colour?  Blue

Gold or silver?  Give me silver every time, but not the kind you have to polish.

Height?  5' 7", down from 5'8". I'm shrinking :(

Instruments you play (in head or real)? In the order I learned them: tambourine, recorder, vibraphone, guitar, clarinet and piano. Next on my list: violin.

Kids?  No thanks

Living arrangements?  With my partner

Music you love?  Folk, sixties and seventies oldies.

Nicknames?  Nana

Job?  Editor

Overnight hospital stay other than birth?  Twice in six months for surgery thirty years ago.

Pet Peeve?  Rudeness

Quote from a movie?  "Follow the Money" from All the President's Men

Right or left handed?  Right handed

Siblings?  None

Time you wake up?  Between 5:00 and 5:30, or whenever the dogs wake up


Vegetables you dislike?  I like them all, but hate cilantro. Does that count as a vegetable?

Workout style?  Running to pick up dog poop before the dogs eat it.

Best dish you make?  Chicken cacciatore, using Jamie Oliver's recipe. If you do all the prep ahead of time, it really does take only 15 minutes. 

Best place to visit?  Of places I have been, Salem, MA. That was some weird shit!

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

This is a great meme and I enjoyed reading your fun answers. I detect a theme to your pet names lol and wow, you learnt all those different musical instruments? I wish I had learned to play something other than the recorder lol.

Thank you for sharing, this was fun and interesting to read :)


Fondles said...

Woohoo you're such the musician! I love the sound of the clarinet! And I tried to learn the guitar AND violin but sadly I couldn't get past the pain of pressing down on the strings. Heh. Masochist but can't handle the pain. Go figure.

Loved your answers!

ronnie said...

The violin, wow. I'm still trying to teach myself to play the guitar but not getting very far. Enjoyed reading your answers. Happy you joined in.


abby said...

I am impressed with the number of musical instruments...piano and recorder for me. I agree Salem Ma. is on the creepy side, but a fun place to visit.
hugs abby

Bernie said...

I have never known a bed large enough for two people and more than one dog. Congrats that you do.

Katie said...

Hi Hermione, :) I loved reading your answers! I agree about Salem. It can be quite a place around Halloween! Very entertaining perhaps?

Love the names of your pets, and all the musical instruments that you have played.

LOLOL on the running to pick up the dog poop before it gets eaten. I SO remember those days with our three labs. A truly yucky habit! I tried everything... a little canned pumpkin in the food is supposed to taste bad to them when digested. Have you tried it?

Fun meme! I might have to try this. Many hugs,


Hermione said...

Roz - Folk guitar was my passion in high school as I had a crush of=n hte boy who taught me.

Fondles - It does hurt until you build up calluses.

Ronnie - Not started the violin yet, only thinking about it. Good luck with the guitar. I don't think I could play classical.

Abby - Great if you are into history, but so sad.

Bernie - It's a bit of a squeexe since they both like my side.

Katie - They love pumpkin but it doesn't deter them. At least the constant picking up keeps the lawn clean so no accidentally stepping on it:)