Monday, April 23, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for April 22

What was your first adult spanking like?

Roz: I can't quite remember how the conversation happened now, but we talked about spanking early in our relationship and it was a surprising easy and fun conversation.

Spankings started for us in the realm of play. If I recall, I don't think there was too much to the first one, but being the first it was exciting and the intensity increased with subsequent spankings.

Windy: Like Roz's story ,we started out with play one day. Somehow a ping pong paddle ended up in our bedroom. hehe And one of us (me), might have asked him to use it during sex. Very light, but so exciting for the first time. The very first "planned" spanking was very much talked about ahead of time, hurt when it happened, and then led to other intimate activities.

Anon 1: The first adult spanking was while dating an older woman, lived in the same apartment complex. I lived in the unit above hers and we would say hi, small talk and then it become more than small talk. We soon would be going out to dinner, she would joke with the waiters that I was her nephew, solved a lot of problems. Being young and wanting to have fun I started doing “stupid” things and she was for it, to a point. We decided to go to the coast, her boss had a place we could stay and off we went. It was the third day, I slept in, we had been having sex, and when I walked into the kitchen she had a stern look on her face. The previous night out to dinner I got a little carried away, and so I stood there trying to explain. Childish behavior she said standing up, will not tolerate that young man, soon she had a grip on my arm and I was taken back to the bedroom, No way I said, realizing what she was going to do, and before I could say anymore she sat on the bed had me across her lap and my bottom she bared. Her hand really stung, but the hairbrush got my attention. When she stood me up, going to improve, yes I said rubbing a very sore spanked bottom. Thinking it was over, she stood up, told me off with the pj’s and best get to the kitchen. I faced the wall, she said nothing. I was spanked a few times more, did not matter where we were.

Yorkie: My first adult spanking was at the hands of my then fiancĂ©, now my wife, and it was a play spanking where we spanked each other. I loved it of course but she wasn’t enamoured by it at all but was far more open to it then than she is now ironically.

I much prefer our arrangement these days... Last night’s was absolutely divine.

Sir Wendel: Shortly after we met the Misses and I started a discussion about the spankings we used to get from our parents. Figured we were both interested after that so the first opportune moment I took her across my lap and gave her a good spanking. She enjoyed it so several more followed. On one of her girl’s night out evenings she stepped out of the shower and called me into the bedroom. She placed a chair out in the open and pulled a rather firm looking paddle out of the closet. She told me that I would be getting a severe spanking to ensure I behaved while she was gone. She sat down naked and pulled me across her lap. Then I got the first few whacks. The sting was wonderful. The paddling went on for a bit, not sure how many whacks but when it was over every inch of my bottom was sore. It was rather uncomfortable all night but I had a smile on my face. A few days later I was over her lap again getting another paddling.

Bonnie: I convinced a high school boyfriend to spank me, but let's decide that doesn't count. My first college spanking was with Randy. I've told this story before, but the short version is that we were playing in bed and decided to try a spanking. Needless to say, it was a resounding success. We pretty much never looked back.

Anon 2: It took a few tries to get it right. Irene was never reluctant to spank me, but she didn't understand for a while that I craved an extended and intense experience, and that a bit of lecture added to the whole thing.

She did give me a memorable paddling with a hairbrush on our honeymoon. We were staying in a cabin in the mountains - it was winter and we were cross-country skiing. There were several other cabins not far away.

We were about to go to the cafeteria for dinner when she told me it was time for a spanking. She told me to take off my pants and went after my bottom with the hairbrush. Boy, did it ever hurt, but not so much I wanted her to stop. It just got hotter and hotter. When she finally stopped she ordered me to stand in the corner with my hands on my head. While I was standing there, all I could think was how lucky I was that I had married a great woman, but that she was unafraid to indulge in my sexual proclivities. We had a wonderful "roll in the hay" (as we sometimes call it) after dinner.

That was in 1982. Since that time, she has come to enjoy spanking me as much as I enjoy getting it - maybe more.

And we kicked things up a few notches after the kids went off to college 10 years ago. The spanking etc. and sex is better than ever.

Amy: I was barely an adult, 18 and living with my 22 year old boyfriend. He came home from work and found me on the porch smoking a cigarette. I hid it behind my back and he could see the smoke rising up behind me. He asked about it and I lied. Next thing I knew, he had me over his shoulder, spanking me the entire time he was carrying me in the house. That was my first spanking ever and it resonated deeply within me. I wanted MORE.

Ronnie: We were on holiday and I read some throwaway paperback with spanking in it. I showed P the extract and he said it seemed to have done her some good. I think that was probably the first time P ever mentioned it, the actual determined act of spanking, and told him I agreed. Then later the same day he spanked me, we'd been out to some barbecue place where there was dancing and free flowing wine. Anyway to cut it short when we got back to our chalet I got spanked, it was fairly hard (or so I thought at the time) but exciting and led to other intimate activities.

Hermione: It happened with my ex. He had built a piece of furniture—totally vanilla—which I thought perfect for the purpose, so I came out and asked him if he would spank me over it. He complied, although I don't believe he was entirely comfortable about it. It didn't last too long, and we both laughed a lot, from nerves. My takeaway was that it hurt a lot more than I thought it would, but I had broken the ice on the topic and was game to try it again.

Thank you all for revealing your past experiences.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

My girlfriend and I lived together right after college. A favorite past time was teasing the males, especially by the pool. The apartments were owned by a very nice middle age lady, treated everyone like family. Well we would wear the least amount and play our game. Was fun to watch them leave, erection covered, we would giggle and see who we would target next. It was a slow day by the pool and the owner came over and said she would like to talk with us, we smiled and went to her place. She was not happy with our game, heard complaints from some of the women. We said we were just having fun and sorry and won't do it again. She smiled and said, she knew we would not do it again and then to our shock said she was going to give us a spanking, or do you wish to find another place. We were soon standing there, she scolded us, and was then said off with the suits, wasn't covering much anyway. I went first and she was really warming and stinging my bottom, I was squirming, pleading for her to stop and she finally did. I danced around the room rubbing, and told to stand still. I watched as my friend as spanked and felt for her. We both stood, sore spanked bottoms and promised not to do it again. Our suits could not cover our spanked bottoms and we went as fast as we could to our place. We both got in the shower to ease the pain and afterwards applied cream to our sore bottoms. The owner came by a could of days later, asked if we learned our lesson and we said we did. Anymore trouble from both of you, you will be spanked and it will be the hairbrush and not my hand doing the talking, understand, we said yes.

Anonymous said...

I was seeing a woman, a few years older. One evening we were into heavy foreplay, I was enjoying her breast, she asked me to stop and go to the bedroom, we were soon on her bed, she still in her panties and I had my underpants on. I decided to go further and she said no, and would not explain. I respected her decision and soon went home. I tried to see her but she would not answer her door, it took three days and she finally did. She would not explain her actions and I reminded her others may not have stopped. I finally said you acted like a little school girl and needed to be given a spanking. She said she had never been spanked and I said well it is long overdue. We went to her bedroom I had her undress to her panties and bra and I placed a chair in the middle of the room. I had her over my lap and to her shock I pulled her panties down and started with my hand and then with her hairbrush. She squirmed, pleaded and when I stopped, she was dancing around rubbing, crying. Off with the bra young lady I said and told her to the front room, she looked at me and I took her arm and spanked her bottom to the front room. She faced the wall, i enjoyed the view, told her she looked like a naughty little girl. When I told her to come to me, she slowly did, she said her bottom hurt, I said good. I stood up and spanked her bottom hard and said get dress, we're going out to dinner.

Anonymous said...

I wanted a spanking, dating and it was just not happening. I was invited by the woman living below me at the apartments to join her for a weekend at the beach. We were friends, nothing more, she said it was a two bedroom place and so I figured why not.
Arrived Friday, had dinner out, talked and then went to bed. I heard her get up early and I laid in bed awhile longer, went back to sleep. I finally got up and for reason I cannot explain went to the kitchen naked, erect. She was not along, to my shock her best girl friend had arrived, I looked at both, cover myself and started to leave. My friend said not so fast and stood up. Care to explain, I said nothing, hands at side young man and I did. Her friend picked up her purse and pulled out a hairbrush, need this she said and my friend smiled, sure do. I was soon across her lap, I wanted a spanking, but it really hurt and I squirmed, kicked, and pleaded. She stood me up, saw I was limp and handed the hairbrush back to her friend. My turn she said and I tried not to going over her lap but soon was, boy did it hurt. I stood facing the wall for along time. I wanted to be spanked but not in that matter.

Anonymous said...

We were both 13. The first intimate contact I ever had. A powerful memory 49 years later. My one experience as a top. It doesn’t feel appropriate to describe the details.

My next experience was as the spankee 11 years later, and there’s been at least 2000 repetitions over 38 years,