Saturday, April 7, 2018

You Completed the Caption

KDpierre: Peter Thomas: "A seemingly innocent backyard shower.....but did a heavy bucket and a rotten tree limb lead to disaster? Or was there something more to it? Forensic botanists....."

Leigh: I just love outdoor showers.

Ronnie: Hilda wondered how much longer she would have to shower outside before her new bathroom was ready.

Anon 1: Hilda was very proud of her new outdoor shower, and she was especially pleased that she was able to locate it right next to the pump so she didn’t have to walk very far to fill the bucket. Then, right in the middle of her very first shower, she heard a voice call from behind her. Suddenly realizing she was completely naked, Hilda ducked behind the fence for cover, and upon peeking over the top came face-to-face with the town’s very cute and single sheriff, who inquired why she was showering naked in her front yard where anyone passing by could see. Hilda said she was so excited about being able to shower outside on such a beautiful spring afternoon that she’d gotten caught up in the moment and hadn’t considered that someone might walk by. When the sheriff told Hilda he’d have to give her a ticket for public indecency, she stood up, flaunting her ample curves, and asked if there wasn’t some other way she could pay her debt to society. The sheriff gave her a big grin and said there was. He then stepped over the fence and led Hilda back to her house. Once inside, he took a seat on the sofa and proceeded to deposit a very shocked and dismayed Hilda over his knee. After administering a stinging spanking to Hilda’s wet bottom, he ordered the remorseful miscreant to stand in the corner and told her that the next time he caught her running around naked outside, he would spank her right then and there, and that afterward he would make her stand in the middle of the yard with her red bottom on display so that anyone who came by would know exactly what happens to naughty ladies who break the law. Hilda promised to be a very good girl in the future, at which point the sheriff leaned over, kissed her on the cheek and asked if he could take her to dinner. Hilda, thrilled thrilled beyond words, nodded her acceptance, but as she reached back to soothe her burning buns, wondered how she was going to manage to sit through a meal on her extremely tender bottom.

Windy: If you are impressed with this plumbing set up, wait until you see how I operate this water pump. I've been practicing my kegels.

EsMay: Hilda was especially thankful for the water bucket on this day, that rained down ice cool water from the hose above. To anyone looking, she was just enjoying a daily cleaning, but to the man that had just blistered her bottom, he knew the truth of how her hot skin and burning bottom were needing the relief. He smiled, wondering if anyone would realize that the items on the fence were not hats, that no woman could wear two hats at the same time. Would they realize those were really ice packs she'd used on her tender bottom when she found his attentions to be a bit more than she could handle? Ah, sweet Hilda, he knew they'd be replaying this scene many a days in the future, he would have to permanently find a way to attach the bucket, she'd be needing it often.

Anon 2: Funny how Hilda’s indoor plumbing worked fine, except for the shower. Eventually she realized it had started when neighbor boy Otto had reached a certain age. She was never sure of his vantage point, so Hilda would turn and bend to be sure to show off every curve, hook and cranny.

There would be more games to play in the winter when the weather cooled off. Hilda thought Otto might make a good houseboy. She could teach him a thing or two.

Anon 3: Knowing Hilda’s penchant for nudity, her boyfriend had warned her that if she used the outdoor shower she had better be wearing something, like her bikini … or there would be consequences. As usual, the mischievous and bratty Hilda defied his admonition, so she wasn’t at all surprised when he opened the window and called for her to come back in the house. Hilda refused, knowing full well what fate awaited her inside, until he informed her that she had an audience. Hilda, making sure to turn only her head, glanced over her shoulder and saw a group of about a dozen local boys lined up across the street. How long they had been admiring her wares, she did not know, but she was thankful she had not had any reason to turn around during her shower. Hilda stood frozen, weighing her options, then decided that since she was going to have to face the consequences anyway, her best recourse was to get inside as quickly as possible before she exposed more than her ample backside to the boys’ prying eyes. Hilda took off running, her bouncing bottom drawing whistles, cheers and applause from her admirers, and didn’t slow down until she burst through the door and closed it behind her with a sense of relief that was very short-lived because as soon as she turned and stepped into the living room, she stumbled into her boyfriend’s outstretched arms and was immediately guided her across his waiting lap. Following a stern, and more vociferous than usual lecture, her boyfriend, who knew the only way to get his message through Hilda’s thick head was to vigorously deliver through her supple behind, raised the hairbrush that Hilda had failed to notice he was clutching and brought it down hard on her upturned and still wet bottom. Hilda did her best to temper her reaction to the stinging swats, but the harder and faster her boyfriend rained the hairbrush down on her beleaguered bottom, the louder she squalled, pleaded, and promised to behave, until the resounding smacks and her subsequent cries of pain echoed throughout their small house. Despite her anguish, Hilda took some measure of comfort in knowing that at least the boys across the street were not aware of her current predicament. It was going to be hard enough to show her face in public after the boys spread the word about what they had seen, it would be so much worse if word got out that her boyfriend had spanked her like a naughty little girl. Unfortunately for Hilda, her serenity was shattered when, as she clutched her throbbing posterior and danced across the room to assume her all to familiar post-paddling position in the corner, she noticed that her boyfriend had deliberately left the window open so that in addition to the eyeful to which she had unknowingly treated them earlier, she had unwittingly treated the boys to quite an earful … and quite an education her boyfriend hoped they would remember when it came time for them to deal with their own naughty ladies.

Anon 4: Hilda was convinced she had finally outsmarted her boyfriend. She knew she was in for a sound spanking if he discovered her standing naked under the outdoor showering, but she reasoned that the cold pump water would numb her bottom sufficiently enough that she wouldn’t even feel the sting when her boyfriend applied his firm hand to it. After all, her theory went, since taking a cold shower after a spanking soothed her burning bottom, reversing that procedure would certainly result in a pain-free trip over her boyfriend’s knee. Of course, she mused, she’d kick and squeal like normal, and pretend to have trouble sitting so her boyfriend wouldn’t be any the wiser. It’s a perfect plan, she thought with a smug and satisfied smile as the cool water washed over her face, around her glorious curves, and down her now icy bottom. Later that afternoon, a very rueful Hilda found herself standing naked in the corner while her boyfriend, sporting his own smug and satisfied smile, sat on the sofa enjoying the sight of her rubbing her searing, bouncing, scarlet behind as she hopped from one foot to the other and pondered how her theory had gone so wrong.

Anon 5: Hilda loved her time at the old family cottage out "in the country," as it had been referred to as long as she remembered. She especially enjoyed it with her husband, Cyril, who knew how important discipline was to her. Although there was a perfectly suitable shower indoors, this old-fashioned outdoor shower from days gone by still beckoned to her....especially after Cyril had done his duty and reddened her ample bottom for that silly chatter last night during the visit from Cousin Hermione. At peace, she once again enjoyed the shower she recalled from her youth....but no one had ever treated her quite as nicely as Cyril.

Hermione: This old bucket sure helps to cool off my hot bottom!
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