Thursday, August 9, 2018

An August Meme

This must be the season for memes. Here is another one from Terpsichore. I believe I did this one a number of years ago, but it's fun to see if things change over time.

Who's oldest?

Who was interested first?
I was. He didn't like me at first, because I was hired for the wrong reason, he thought. But time passed and he realized how special(!) I am.

Same High school?

Most sensitive?

Worse temper?
Him, definitely. I keep my anger under control, but he doesn't.

More social?
Neither of us. We are both introverts who prefer our own company.

More stubborn?

Wakes up first?
We both wake up when the dogs do, but I get up with them and he goes back to sleep.

Bigger Family?
He does.

I love them.

Who cooks the most?
I do.

Cries more?
I do, but very rarely.

Said I love you first?
He did.

Better singer?
Me by default because I have never heard him sing, even though he was once a boy chorister. 

Better driver?
We are both competent and safe drivers, but he thinks all women are bad drivers, so I let him drive.

Hogs the remote?
I do because he doesn't know how to work the PVR or BluRay.

Better cook?
I usually do the cooking but he is also a good cook.

Clothes And Shoe Hoarder?
Neither. We both declutter regularly. One in, one out is the rule.

No, not much has changed since last time.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione, I enjoyed reading your answers to this. Interesting Ron's first impressions of you. He obviously saw the light :) I love that you were interested first but he said I love you first.


Unknown said...

fun to read. Thanks for sharing a bit more about Ron and yourself.
bottoms up

ronnie said...


Enjoyed reading your answers. I remember doing this one and my answers wouldn't have changed.


Aimless Rambling said...

Think maybe I'm going to give this a try. Love them.

Hermione said...

Thank you all for your comments. Memes are always fun!


Terpsichore said...

still fun to read even if not much has changed :-) Hugs