Thursday, August 30, 2018

Guest Post - Implements VI

My very dear friend Ronnie shares her favourite (or least favourite, depending on how you look at it)  implements with us today. Ronnie's blog is offline at the moment, due to security concerns, but I hope she will be back up and running soon.

"My two least favourites - the black strap which P fashioned from an old belt, it certainly bites, hard and no flexibility in it. The other is a paddle Bogey sent me, I can only say for a small paddle it certainly gets my attention.

"My favourite and will always be is our Rose leather paddle, we've had it for ages and only gets better with age."

I must agree with her about the rose paddle. It's one of my favourites too!

If you would like to send me a photo of your favourite implement(s) I would love to post it here. Send it to me at martingale2 @ yahoo . ca (without the spaces). 
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Ah, I noticed Ronnie's blog was down and was wondering. I hope all is resolved easily and quickly.

The rose paddle does seem to be a favourite of many. The other two do look like they pack a punch! Thank you both for sharing:)


Ozarkhillbillyhippie said...

I notice the loop is missing to intense as I recall Miss you dear lady hope you can blog again soon

Terpsichore said...

I love my rose paddle. Hope Ronnie is able to resolve her blog issue soon. Hugs

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Bacall likes the rose paddle, but after a while, she will say when are you going to spank me.

NoraJean said...

Thanks for the Ronnie update, Hermione ... inquiring minds wanted to know ... the black strap looks ominous however, I've seen photos around and about as well as several blog mentions of the lovely rose paddle. Can someone tell me ... is there a particular vendor for it? ... nj

ronnie said...


Thank you. We've had our Rose paddle for donkey's years. The workmanship is superb.
NoraJean - John, (Leatherthorn paddles) used to have his own site but I can't find it. If I do, will drop you an email.

I hope to be up and running as soon as possible. Thank you.


Aimless Rambling said...

I don't see a cane here and I always think of Ronnie when a cane is mentioned. Maybe because I was friended one by a mutual friend who was friended by one from Ronnie.

Anonymous said...

The thick black leather belt. My mom gave my wife the black leather belt that had
belonged to her dad. It was the belt she used on my brother tim and i when we
were boys. When she gave the belt to my wife a few years after we were married
she explained that she had used it on my brother and i often and although my
brother and i had no idea, she often used it on my dad.
It has been used on me as well as our three sons who are now all in college.