Sunday, August 19, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #241

Welcome, one and all, to a mid-August gathering of friends. While some of my readers engage in spanking with many partners, many of us are in monogamous relationships in which that exclusiveness extends to spanking.

If you are in an exclusive spanking relationship, would you ever agree to be spanked by someone else? Would it make a difference if the reason was for pleasure or for discipline? Would you agree if your partner encouraged it?

As usual, leave your response as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

That's a great question. No, spanking is an intimate act and something which enhances our relationship. Only one person gets to spank me lol


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Roz. I cannot imagine that anyone but my wife would be willing to spank me. And I am sure that my lovely wife wouldn't want anyone but her to spank me. Nor would I! It is simply a matter of intimacy. Neither of us has ever committed adultery, and this would seem to us like a form of adultery. At least close to it.

Fondles said...

er, i don't think i could trust anyone else except the person I was involved with to spank me :)

Subone said...

I agree spanking is intimate. My daddy wouldn't let anyone else spank me.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not. This is between my wife and I only.


ronnie said...

It wouldn't feel right to have someone other than P spank me.


Anonymous said...

I would love it in the right situation. Irene talks about a lot, and plays many roles when she is spanking me.

But either it’s only a fantasy or we don’t know the right people. I have the feeling that it could happen, but likely won’t.

Once we were out to dinner with friends, and another woman told me she wanted to spank me. I told her she would need Irene’s permission. This woman has numerous “issues” and it would have been a bad idea.

I would really love the embarrassment of it, but wouldn’t want to do it unless Irene was sure she was ok w it.


Unknown said...

Great question: I have been spanked at a spanking play party by other women, but some of that party was too severe for our liking. In addition, both by Aunt Kay and Danielle. I would enjoy the experience, if we knew enough about the other couple so that it wild be safe, and only as play, even if significant. Cindy has zero interest in spanking anyone else except me. would love to attend another play party, but that appears unlikely in our future, because too far from home just for the adventure.
bottoms up

Minielle Labraun said...

I do not want anyone else to spank me. I know my Scotsman would never go for it either. It is too intimate. But whatever works for each couple....

kdpierre said...

Been there, done that........and hope to continue with different people in the future. A lot has to do with who it is and what the circumstances are, but in the long run, life is too short for honoring conventions for convention's sake. It's more about honoring feelings, whether pro or con. (Though I lean towards 'pro' most of the time)

Whenever questions like this come up I am reminded of a survey done many years ago where elderly people were asked about "regret" and almost unanimously these folks said that they had less regret over things they did that didn't work out (and therefore afforded them a life lesson) versus the regret they felt over things they wished they'd done but didn't.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We are not jealous and nudity is not an issue for us. We have enjoyed being spanked by others and spanking others many times with many partners. It was fun. It never led to sex. We made some fast and true friends.

Based on our experiences, we know they are more like us out there. So don't take the responses here as representative.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a couple of my wife's friends are older, they have this "Motherly Look" and have dreamed of being spanked by them. Sorry it must be a male thing, my wife understands and trust me once she is done spanking me, I must call her "Mommy" for Mommy spanks naughty little children. So if I could I would find a way for one of them if not both to take me over their laps and spank me.

Anonymous said...

It started at Shadow Lane for us but there and at private parties I was spanked by many other women, and I got to spank a few myself. I have no regrets, it was a lot of fun. One-time Aunt Kay gave me a strapping, ouch.