Monday, August 6, 2018

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 5

Have you ever experienced an orgasm while asleep and dreaming of spanking?

Anon 1: I dream about spanking only when I’m awake. Putting it in my mind relaxes me and puts me to sleep - keeping otherwise omnipresent thoughts about work at bay.

These daydreams are often inspired by an episode in my past - something that might have led to spanking had I played it differently.

Curiously I have been spanked thousands of times, and only done the spanking three times - two of those led nowhere, but One led very quickly to my first encounter with third base (at her behest). That was now very long ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.

Tony: It happened only once to me and embarrassed to say it was being spanked by a teacher in high school. Went to boarding school run by Jesuits. Punishment was bare assed spanking with a belt. I am not sure why but well as the spank went on I started to think of a girl I had kissed the nite before at a dance. It was kissing her that earned me the spanking. As he spanked me I got hard and after he finished he tapped my bare ass to signal it was over and at that touch I came. I shot on his pants leg.
Both funny and sad. Not sure in looking back who was more freaked. Me or the priest.

Roz: Interesting question Hermione. My answer is rather boring I'm afraid. No, It's never happened to me.

Anon 2: Have, rare, first time I awoke scared, too real. Next time controlled myself, it was a neighbor lady, Motherly, I was standing while she bare my bottom, the spanking was very real and when I woke up I had cum, my hand was stroking my penis.

Yorkie: I haven't had a dream about spanking for ages and even when I did I never had an orgasm. In fact, I've never had an orgasm from any dream that I've had. :(

Anon 3: My desire is so strong, single male, that if it was not for this blog, magazines, I would do something stupid. I date but my desire to be spanked I just could not approach that subject. I enjoy laying in the tub and dreaming, the mess is easy to clean up. I have had such a strong dream that when I awake I at first think it is real, only to find I had cum in the bed. Mostly older women, sometimes with others watching, worse is dreaming of thinking during the day time. It will happen, I know it will. Will I be able to take it, never know until it happens, but my strong desire is being me, for how long I also do not know.

Liza: I sure have. I've also had orgasms in bookstores reading excerpts from spanking books.

Amy: Wow. No even close! It's such a turn on but I can't orgasm without actually being touched. Amazing, those of you who can.

Hermione: I most certainly have reached orgasm while asleep and dreaming, on several occasions. It always wakes me up with a start! I really can't remember if the dream had anything to do with spanking, but since that is what turns me on, I have to suspect that spanking was involved.

That was a fun question! If you have any suggestions for topics, please send them along to me.
From Hermione's Heart

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Wallace said...

As a male spankee (usually), I often dream of spanking and, yes, have orgasmed more than once as a result.