Sunday, August 12, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #240

It's good to see so many of you here today, because we have an interesting discussion topic that was sent to me by A.J. He calls it a 'clear the cobwebs' spanking and here is how he describes it:

"Has the world/life ever gotten to you to the point where you or your partner would ask to be spanked as a way to take the mind far away from whatever stresses are bothering or overwhelming you, with the spanking itself and its aftermath replacing those feelings?

"This implies a harder session that you might normally do because it has to be intense enough so that what's going on "back there" overwhelms whatever thoughts/concerns are in the brain...As someone who only does spanking just for the fun of it and not punishment, I find this very difficult to do.  And what if your partner asks for it and you are unwilling to go to that level?"

What are your thoughts on a clear the cobwebs spanking? As a spanker, would you be able to deliver the kind of spanking necessary to provide a total distraction? As as spankee, how would you feel if you could not be assured of the necessary level of intensity?

Leave your response as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion when the weekend is over.
From Hermione's Heart


WendelJones said...

The Misses has never asked for a spanking just for that reason. She will get upset watching the news occasionally and start to rant about how society has gone to hell. If the rants go on too long then I will spank her bare bottom with the belt to quiet her down. After the spanking we hug tightly until her tears go away.

Fondles said...

Oh me me me. I have been known to ask BIKSS for a proper ouchy spanking (like A.J. we only spank for good times) and he always gives me what i need - enough to get my mind off the stress and stop me fretting. Its often the case that even without having to come right out and say it, he’ll know from our text exchange during the day or conversations when a more intense session is called for.

Anonymous said...

I am the spankee in our relationship and I call the shots. My wife is like a human spanking machine in that she goes at it very dispassionately and I hope, one day, that she will have some enjoyment from it. She hates it but acknowledges my desire with grace and respect but all the emotion and sexual energy derived from being spanked is all mine and it is indeed a very rare day when a spanking is less than an intense experience for me.
If I could not guarantee that intensity then, at first, we would most likely try to keep up the activity but if it yielded little to no reward then I suppose we would stop the spankings. As my wife once said about not having any sexual gratification from being spanked "where's the fun in that". Even she can see it. God bless her cotton socks.

Happy Spankings.


Roz said...

I can't say we have specifically spanked for this reason. However there have been a couple of occasions when stress has been high that a maintenance spanking has had a little more behind it and the spanking has had more emotion behind it.


BIKSS said...

As the spanker (Fondles’ Daddy) in the relationship and one who had to, in essence, be eased into the role, I often wondered if the spankings I gave were “too soft” or “too hard”. I have to admit I took a bit of time to be at ease with giving a spanking of increased intensity.

I used to wait for a request for a “clear the cobwebs” spanking but I think I’ve learned to read the signs and as Fondles said, the text exchanges during the day usually gives me an indication of the kind of spanking needed when we meet. It is something where I have had to step up, take note of the signals and do what must be done/ I’m just glad it helps my lidl release some of the stress.

That said, these days I have been questioned as to whether I relish the high intensity spankings a little too much at times.

Anonymous said...

My wife will let me rant and rave for so long, she is the type that lets it out at once and does not hold it, I on the other hand. She has a certain look and I no matter where we are at know full well I earned her special spanking. The worse was my attitude at a class reunion, out of town, certain individuals got on my nerve, especially a female who could not stop talking about herself. Well three days of this and I found myself over her lap, hotel room, that damn hairbrush, my bottom was very red, sore, and that evening at dinner, thankful it was not a group dinner, I was having trouble sitting, squirming, and of all people, she came stopped by, nice conversation. Later in the room I asked my wife how she could be so nice, she smiled, like most men you were not listening, she mentioned you squirming and I just said you should be squirming also.

Bonnie said...

Yes, absolutely. We call these stress relief spankings and I need them from time to time. I ask only rarely. More often, a planned spanking will morph into something more. Over the years, Randy and I have developed an ability to read one another and adapt. If the spanking he is delivering does not yield the desired results, he doesn't hesitate to step up the intensity. I love this emotional rejuvenation. I crave those stinging swats and the positive feelings they generate. Even when I am screeching, I know that hard spankings are exactly what I want.

Anonymous said...

I would say that spanking, and sexual activity more generally, are the ultimate form of relaxation - how to escape from daily stress and anxiety.

There are times when I crave a particularly long or hard spanking. I mostly taunt Irene a bit as she’ll usually whip or paddle my bottom until I’m pleading with her, promising to obedient and follow all her rules. So it’s not too tough to get as intense a spanking as I might want. (It always feels great at the time, but the tenderness over the next several days is less fun.

Very often, I’m tied up spanked, then left to ponder my behavior. Sometimes I’ll fall asleep - which speaks to the relaxing aspect of submission. I rarely can nap otherwise.

Finally I’d say reverse cowgirl cunnlingus, which usually follows a spanking in our home, is the ultimate distraction. I’m looking at Irene’s plump bottom and inch ot two away, tasting and smelling her pretty pussy as she gets increasingly aroused and intermittently ravishes me with her fingernails.

It’s hard to worry about anything during these intense and blissful distractions.

- Rosco

Anonymous said...

My wife will do anything not to get a spanking, but when it will be one she will remember for several days, just like a naughty little child she tries hard to get out of it. It never works, she knows it, by the time I get her panties down, she is already crying. I have a special paddle and after a good twenty some spanks she is pleading, begging, for me to stop. I stop after another ten or so, allow her to dance around, rub, then tell her to get cleaned up, going out to eat. One word from her and she knows that another spanking will happen. It is watching her squirm, wiggle, while eating that I enjoy the most. She has been asked if she fell, and I just smile.
There is an older lady, knew my wife from childhood, knew she would be a handful, she is the one who gave me the large paddle. She will stop by, look at my wife, do you wish a pillow young lady, No Mam, keep up the good work she saids looking at me.