Sunday, August 26, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #242

Welcome back to another spanko brunch. I hope you have a good time here today. Following last week's discussion, my dear friend Red suggested a followup question that I think is interesting. I have rephrased it so that it refers to whichever end of the paddle you prefer to be on.

Do you think your partner would enjoy watching you spanking or being spanked by someone else? How would you feel if you were to watch your partner spank or be spanked by another person?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our conversation once everyone has had a chance to speak.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Being watched getting a spanking was a fantasy of mine until it happened. While dating, my girlfriend (wife today), did spank me. It was more of do you want to continue to see me then you will be subjected to a spanking, my choice. Never would have thought she could really spank, it got my attention. It was about a week before we were to be married, I had not completed a couple of task, I knew I was in trouble and so in the bedroom I was soon bare bottom over her lap and feeling the sting of the damn hairbrush. Anyone home I heard and soon her best friend was witnessing the spanking. The spanking did not stop, it continued, I was squirming, kicking, and when it was over I stood, told my wife to be I was sorry, and she said best get facing the wall. She told her girlfriend that it was not the first nor the last I would be getting. I was told to pull up my pants and get to the kitchen. Thinking my punishment was over I had to sit and listen to the two talk, squirming and saying nothing. They both I know enjoyed it very much. Jack

Bonnie said...

No, spanking is a special activity that we keep for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

What Bonnie said.


kdpierre said...

Rosa has watched me being spanked by a very few and select others.....WITH her prior approval. And yes I definitely thinks she enjoys it as a sort of extension of her own authority. We have one friend in particular we are both sort of eager to see feel free to do the same......but due to certain complications this has not yet happened. The "intimacy" aspect is only a factor for us in certain specific situations because we also see "spanking" as something that can embody less intimate connotations. It's like kissing. You can kiss your beloved.......or you can kiss your mother......or child......or even a Frenchman when receiving a medal of honor. LOL It's all technically "kissing"......but very, very different.

Roz said...

Hi Hermione, I think it's a good fantasy, but I'm sure the reality wouldn't live up to the fantasy. Spanking is an intimate act between us.


WendelJones said...

We only spank each other.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We think spanking is special and fun. We have enjoyed other partners many times. Three-way, four-way, it's all fun.

Minielle Labraun said...

I asked my Scotsman and he was quite clear in his ‘NO.’
I asked why and he said, ‘ you’re my wife.’ So, for us it’s quite an intimate experience we share.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Roz whole heartedly.


Fondles said...

Oh we've talked about it often enough but we're also quite certain that spanking is a "for two of us only" activity. I think as a fantasy it's fun enough, but as Roz and others have said, the reality would be very different!

Unknown said...

Cindy has seen me be spanked by other women when attending a spanking party, and has watched Aunt Kay demonstrate how to use various implements when we were first starting on the spanking journey. She agreed that Danielle could spank me, so told Danielle that she could if she wanted to. Danielle was happy to spank me, as I readily agreed, but her husband john was disappointed that he was not spanked.

Cindy does not want to spank anyone other than me, and made that very clear. I look on spanking as KDPierre stated, as a fun activity between friends or others. without the intimacy of being spanked by Cindy.

ronnie said...

P would enjoy seeing someone else spank me, but he knows there is no way it will happen. I'd like to watch someone get spanked.