Tuesday, September 11, 2018

From the Top Shelf - Tales from The Glenmore

A blog that I visit frequently for its cartoons and stories is The Glenmore, where FM spanking is a specialty. Sadly, the owner of this excellent blog is planning on closing the blog soon. I think that would be a shame. To show you why, here is the intro to the latest story, Just what the Doctor Ordered:
Lord Reginald Chumley looked warily across the room at the delectable Doctor Florence Davenport. She looked even more stunning than usual in her long fuscia[sic] evening gown which hugged her curves and had a teasing split at the back to give a glimpse of her shapely legs when she moved in her usual elegant manner.

The young Lord Chumley was hosting his first Charity Gala at Chumley hall with all the important people in the County attending. He knew the desirable Doctor Davenport had received an invitation, but given the way she had spurned his previous romantic attempts, he was not expecting to see her.

He was still reeling from his previous meeting with her which had ended in the most embarrassing fashion.
If you're anything like me, you will want to know all about that previous embarrassing incident, so before we go on, here is that previous encounter: More Doctor's Orders

Now, to continue with the latest story, hop over to The Glenmore and read Just what the Doctor Ordered. While you're there. please leave a comment to show your appreciation to the folks that work hard on that blog.
From Hermione's Heart


QBuzz said...

I love Glenmore's art too! He has built up quite an archive now

ronnie said...


I love Glenmore's art and stories. I didn't know he was closing his blog. That's such a shame, I hope he doesn't.


Red said...

Glenmore has a great blog, and only recently I found that I did not have it in my blog list, nor had I posted about it. Hopefully, he will keep his amazing site going.
bottoms up

Minelle Labraun said...

I just started commenting on his blog. I always saw him around! Hope he continues!

Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

I wasn't aware of Glenmore's blog. I will definitely take a look!


kdpierre said...

Glen has an extensive collection and that is sort of the issue. We were talking in passing on another blog about blogging and also the point at which a person who is creating stuff, just either runs out of ideas, or has enough of doing the same thing. RedRump is another case of this. It was there that he first hinted that he may close down.

Glen also commiserated over the lack of commenting nowadays. It's disheartening to anyone who puts time into something. Personally, I hope Glen sticks around and if anything just takes a break........but I FULLY understand why he may just call it quits. Which one of us HASN'T thought of that?

Hermione said...

QBuzz - The artwork is excellent! I wish I could draw half as well.

Ronnie - I hope it won't happen either.

Red - Now that he is on your blogroll, I'll bet his visits increase X10.

Minelle- He's an important part of our community.

Roz - I hope you enjoy your visit.

KDPierre - Probably each one of us has thought of closing the door on their blog at one time or another. IT's a difficult decision to make.