Sunday, September 9, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #244

Welcome to our first brunch for September. In my dear friend Ronnie's latest post, she said something that made me stop and think. Her blog was temporarily silenced, and she mused: "I was doing regular things but in an irregular order, amazing how not doing things blog-connected changed my timetable." I can relate to that, because my blogging routine is very much a part of my day. So here's the question for all you bloggers:

Do you blog regularly, or only occasionally as the spirit moves you? How do you balance blogging with other activities in your day? Do you have a blogging schedule? Does that schedule sometimes override other activities, or does vanilla life impact your blogging routine?

Please leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to speak. I haven't forgotten those of you who don't have a blog; there will be a question especially for you next week.
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kdpierre said...

I would say that I do blog 'regularly', but the intensity varies based on mood and available time. I also tend to separate what I do to keep my own blog active from my participation on other blogs...and that ratio also varies by mood. Sometimes Rosa or someone will need me for something and I am just finishing writing something and not wish to lose my train of thought, but mostly I do my writing when alone, so it rarely interferes with 'life'.

I suppose that admitting that mood governs a lot of this partially explains why my blog bounces between lifestyle topics and non-lifestyle ones. And as I've confessed before, a good portion of why I blog at all is rooted in a kind of 'self-therapy'. And that's probably why I still do it even as blogging itself seems to be a waning interest for people. It's like even though I had hoped for something more interactive, I am willing to look at it also as a kind of 'personal journal' where outside involvement is not crucial. That view keeps me writing even as commenting continues to dwindle.

NoraJean said...

I read blogs daily, commenting as time permits. Re blogging itself, I wish I had a set time and more time to blog ... I do it when I can fit it in ... and it seems life gets in the way more often than not. What I try to do in the interim, is make notes in my iPad notepad app. From those notes, come my posts ... nj

Yorkie69 said...

Nope. Tried once but gave it up as I couldn't find the inspiration to keep it up so I deleted it.

Roz said...

I don't post on my blog anymore but do read and comment daily. I often read blogs on the way to and from work then go back in the evening and comment. It can at times be time consuming and often ends uo being combined with other activities, even if that is just watching tv.

Other activities and commitments do sometimes mean no time for reading and commenting on blogs.


The Glenmore said...

As it does tend to take up too much time and I have lots of other things to occupy me I will be ending my blogging once I have finished posting the remaining unfinished pieces in my draft posts.
I also came to the conclusion it is not worth it Das there are few comments or interactions with fellow spanking enthusiasts than I hoped for.

Sir Wendel Jones said...

I do not have my own blog. Typically, because of schedules I read through the blogs on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Minelle Labraun said...

I am not very consistent! My life is just a bit busy! I try and read some every day! However, blogging is inconsistent especially if I post a drawing. It takes me time to do a drawing! I love the process and love any comments I receive!

Bonnie said...

I now blog when I have inspiration, time, and energy. These three factors unfortunately haven't aligned very often lately. But that situation is subject to change as the seasons progress.

Wilma Rubble said...

I used to blog almost daily to help me process things. Posts, words would ramble around in my head until I got them out. A great deal of things changed for various reasons. The less controversial explanation can be I chose a different way to process and get support/advice.

My morning starts hours before anyone else at home, so I usually read blogs then, commenting on posts that touch me in some way.

Blogging and commenting used to be a larger part of my life, and a link to my dynamic. I guess I just grew away from that. Though I still enjoy reading, the need and draw is no longer as strong. ( I can still relate to KD's comment concerning self therapy, however. That is what has me occasionally post on my public blog)


ronnie said...

Blogging is part of my routine and it did throw it out totally. Silly really.